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Valheim Gaming Tips

There's a lot to know about in Valheim, from crafting, to survival mechanics, to combat and exploration. We've compiled a whole lot of guides and walkthroughs that can help lead you through the Viking world of Valheim, and even help you cheat. Below, you'll find information about everything Valheim has to offer, to help you find Iron, create Bronze, best bosses, and craft amazing gear.

Stay tuned, as we'll continue to update this list with more and more Valheim guides, tips, walkthroughs, and information as we discover it. Walkthroughs listed at the end of the article.

How To Create And Join Dedicated Servers

The first thing you're going to need to do in Valheim is to jump into a game world, and if you want to play with friends, you'll probably need a dedicated server. Here's everything about how they work.

Console Commands And Cheats

Console commands and cheats will allow you to spawn anything you want in Valheim--but only in single-player.

While Valheim is a game that's all about survival, it's also very creative, allowing you to build and customize structures and bases in a way that's similar to games such as Minecraft. There's no creative mode in Valheim, but if you wanted to circumvent the survival components--or just cheat in general--we've got a guide for that.

Beginner's Tips And Tricks

There are lots of ways for you to maximize your time in the early game to stay alive and thrive in Valheim.

Starting out in Valheim can be overwhelming, but these tricks will help you hit the ground running and survive in the new world.

Crafting And Armor Guides

There's a lot you'll need to know to make great armor in Valheim and survive its harsher climates.

There's a whole lot to make in Valheim, and climbing the tech tree to make better gear and better bases is essential to staying alive. Here's everything you need to smith metal and make yourself some awesome armor and weapons.

  • Workbench Upgrades - How To Enhance Your Crafting Station To Level 5

  • Armor Guide - How To Outfit Your Viking To Survive

  • Bronze Guide - How To Make Bronze Armor And Where To Find Copper And Tin

  • Iron Guide - How To Find Scrap Iron And Make Iron Gear

  • Wolf Armor Guide - How To Find Silver And Craft Mountain Gear

  • Padded Armor Guide - How To Make Linen Thread To Get The Best Armor

Animal Taming

Lots of animals attack and try to kill you in Valheim, but you can make a few friends, too. Taming and breeding animals can be a handy source of meat, and with the right animal companions, you can gain some help in combat, too.

Biome Survival Guides

Each of the biomes is tough to survive--here's what you need to know to stay alive.

Each of Valheim's biomes is dangerous in its own way, but with these tips, you can survive and thrive as you seek out new resources.

Boss Fight Guides

Your goal in Valheim is to take down its many bosses, like Moder, the frost dragon of the Mountain biome.

All this survival, base-building, and armor-crafting in Valheim has a purpose: You've been sent by the god Odin to dispatch his enemies. Each biome has a boss, and each holds key items you need to access new crafting materials and technologies to keep advancing. Here's how to take them down, either with a team or solo.

First-Person Mod

If you're not happy with Valheim's third-person perspective, you can use this mod to give it a bit more of a Skyrim feel and change its camera to first-person.

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