The Missed Avengers Easter Egg

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Sweet Avengers Easter egg confirmed ahead of Endgame anniversary that no one knew off.

Marvel Studios confirmed a sweet Avengers: Endgame Easter egg just in time for the film’s one-year anniversary. Their official Twitter page shared the moment surviving characters prepare to journey back into time through the Quantum Realm.

Standing in a circle, the superheroes hold out their fists and the camera pans on them from a birds-eye view reflecting Iron Man’s arc reactor belonging to Tony Stark. Fans guessed the possibility before, but the Russo brothers confirmed it was a conscious decision via the Marvel page.

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Iron Man (played by Robert Downey Jr) was basically the heart of the Infinity Saga, so the Easter egg means that much more. Fans got emotional noticing the resemblance, with many sharing gifs of crying faces and facepalms. It’s all about Tony Stark (Picture: Marvel) Cue the ‘I love you 3,000’ comments. In July last year, Avengers: Endgame finally beat the record Avatar had held for 10 years, becoming the highest-grossing movie of all time. It beat Avatar’s $2.78 billion (£2.2 billion) global box office takings in just 13 weeks, and it was well-deserved. Meanwhile, Robert has hinted that Iron Man could make a return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How many more Easter eggs?

Marvel fans were distraught when Endgame killed off Tony Stark in the battle against Thanos. Even though we witnessed his funeral on-screen with pretty much every single MCU character present Stark could still return in a future film to help out his friends as the star teased ‘anything could happen. But don’t get too excited, as even though Tony could make a comeback, the Hollywood star added that he might not be the one playing Shellhead. During a recent interview with extratv to promote his new film Dolittle, he said: ‘As far as I’m concerned I’ve hung up my guns and I’m good to let it go.

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