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Most Handsome Men 2020

Beauty is the most predominant factor that is used to describe someone. It can be classified through many aspects. In this case, handsome men exist, and they can easily blow your mind off. Here are some of the top-rated handsome men globally.

Mariano Di Vaio

He is an Italian fashionista who has gained fame for his good looks and taste in dress code. Mariano has been made the brand ambassador of various clothing lines trending globally.

Justin Trudeau

To find a good-looking man in politics is a rare factor. Trudeau, who serves as the Canadian prime minister, is well known for his looks that get girls crazy. He is elegant and intelligent.

Richard Gere

Despite his old age, Richard stills remains an icon, especially as a sex symbol. This applies due to his movies released in the past years. He has also managed to acquire wealth in acting.

Henry Cavill

Having gained popularity in the superhero franchise as Superman, Henry Cavill is undoubtingly handsome. He has perfect jaw lining earning him numerous roles. His good attitude and personality also correspond to his sexiness.

Robert Pattison

It has been scientifically clarified that Pattison has the perfect face. His young age, this makes him one of the perfect men alive. He has starred in numerous blockbuster movies that have exposed him. 

Gerard Butler

Of Scottish descent, Gerard Butler is one of the most handsome men globally. He is outspoken, which makes him even more attractive. Despite that, he is a successful actor and a film producer.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is an exemplary actor. He is a professional actor and singer. With his good height, Jackman holds the Guinness world record of the longest career in the superhero franchise.

Robert Downey, Jr.

Having a great sense of humor can simply make you attractive. Downey, who has played as Ironman, has managed to achieve this throughout his career. This made him be recognized as a legend.

Idris Elba

Taking of jack-of-all-trades, Idris is a legend on that. He is a professional actor, DJ, musician, and the sexiest man alive. Being of English descent, Idris is remarkably handsome mainly for his masculinity and his personality.

Milind Soman

This Indian actor is a global icon for his good looks despite his age. He is a model who pursues it as a professional and a fitness promoter. He has won numerous prizes in both sports.

Bradley Cooper

With blue eyes and a perfect smile, Bradley Cooper has managed to become the sexiest man alive. With his enormous acting career, he has gained exposure, which has helped become recognized globally.

David Beckham

Football sensation is one of the most appreciated things globally. The football legend David Beckham one of the people who have tried to make it more interesting. Apart from his undistinguished soccer career, he is also the most handsome man.

Johnny Depp

Having gained the character of a pirate, Depp is one of the most outstanding actors. He has nice looks that make women go crazy. His good sense of style makes him more attractive.

Tom Cruise

Speaking of perfection, Tom is one of the most handsome men with a golden smile. He is also one of the highest-paid actors. Tom has gained several awards for his versatile acting skills.

George Clooney

Despite making a fortune through his acting career, Clooney stills tops the list of most handsome men. He has a good taste of his dress code as well as his outstanding acting skills.

Shahrukh Khan

With numerous awards in Bollywood, Khan is an intelligent person. He has been engaged in numerous charities globally. His perfect dimples make him stand out as one of the most handsome men.

Brad Pitt

Talking of attractiveness, Brad Pitt qualifies for his good eyes and a deep voice. He is a film industry guru. Despite his age, he still stands out as handsome.

Chris Hemsworth

The Australian has had a great hit in acting career by appearing in blockbuster films. With his young age, he has managed to qualify as the most handsome man in the world.

Ian Somerhalder

Also known to be the sexiest vampire alive, Ian is a professional actor and activist who has caught people’s eyes for his looks. This has inspired him to engage in modeling as a professional career.

Chris Evans

Appearance is always an aspect to describe a handsome man. Chris Evans, mostly known for his superhero movies, qualifies for the appearance. He has blue eyes, and hairstyles correspond with his unique attitude.

Jason Momoa

Talking of thriving in films, Jason Momoa is a good example. He has grown tremendously by playing different characters. This way, he has managed to join the list of most handsome men.

Antoine Griezmann

Having a great passion for football, Antoine Griezmann has managed to gain recognition in the soccer world. Besides football, Antoine also plays for a Spanish club that has given him good ratings.

Omar Borkan Al Gala

Borkan is a professional model and poet who has an impressive look. He has a great following on social media, earning him great recognition by making him the third most handsome man.

Hrithik Roshan

Roshan is an Indian actor who is highly paid and as well as the most handsome man. He has a great height, and most importantly, he an impressive dancer, making him more attractive.

Leonardo DiCaprio

As a big star in the acting industry, Leonardo DiCaprio has managed to lead the list of the perfect man alive. This is through his good personality and the success made in acting.