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Most Awesome Bridges In The World

Henderson Waves, Singapore.

This bridge is connecting two of Singapore’s beautiful parks. Henderson Waves has two unique parts: its design and the high. It is the highest pedestrian bridge in the island countries – 118 feet above the ground. Through it is short – from Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park and back, it offers an incredible perspective and a hive as well. Its shape allows having hidden grooves and niches like shells, where pedestrians can sit and enjoy their surroundings. As far as there are privacy and room for the rest, the bridge is a popular place on weekends for families, children, and joggers. we are sure you should also come and see it!

Falkirk Wheel, Scotland.

This unusual structure works as a bridge and as a boat lift, rotating 180 degrees. Despite its size, it takes only 1.5 kWh worth of energy for every turn. Around the bridge, there have been few outdoor activities and educational workshops, with a water park to boot. Boat trips on the wheel go once an hour and let everyone see the mechanism and its work. There is also a park next to this bridge, so families can come and have a rest with children. This bridge is an incredible work of human thought and engineering together. It will be interesting to see it for those, who are looking for inspiration for a new design or technical idea.

Kurilpa Bridge, Australia.

This gorgeous pedestrian and bicycle bridge connects South Bank with the Central Business District in Brisbane. It helps not only to the city’s art energy but also brings actual energy. Its 84 solar panels, which generate approximately 100 kWh per day, are connected to the city’s power grid – so overage of the power can go back into the network. This bridge was judged at the World Architecture Festival as the World Transport Building of the Year 2011. The bridge is lighted up with a sophisticated LED system which can be programmed for different lighting effects so it’s an unbelievable show in the evening or through the night. We are definitely sure – you must see this bridge.

Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, Seattle, USA.

The world’s longest floating bridge, this one crosses 1.4 miles over the deepest parts of Lake Washington. Supported by 33 bridge pontoons and 62 anchors, it connects SR 520 with Seattle. Opened in 1963, the bridge is close to the end of its life as officially they are bringing construction on a replacement until 2017. Still, it’s one of the best for now and the longest! it brought connections between Seattle and Eastside communities such as Bellevue, Kirkland, and Redmond. For example, Redmond’s population saw dramatic growth, jumping from about 1,500 people in 1960 up to 11,000 people in 1970. So we hope the reconstructions will also be such incredible and interesting!

Slauerhoffbrug, Netherlands.

The Slauerhoffbrug is located in Leeuwarden and was designed by Van Driel Mechatronica and is a fully automatic bridge with the capacity to sense and adjust to its surrounding. It has Terminator looks in its ability to quickly react, sense, and transform to the position needed, which allows ships to pass the way. You not going to like the bad side of this bridge! Still, it’s incredible work of mind and construction! They say, Slauerhoffbrug maybe named after J.J. Slauerhoff – the famous Dutch poet. We will never find the truth, but we love how it works and how it looks!

Moses Bridge, Netherlands.

In a ditch that surrounds a 17th-century fortress, Dutch architects have built a bridge that brings pedestrians through the water. Made from eco-friendly materials, the Moses Bridge allows crossing the water without being eaten by crocodiles or even swimming. The bridge can’t be seen from far away because the ground and the water comes up to the edge. When you come closer, the fortress opens up to you through a tight trench. Then you can walk up to gates like Moses on the water. It’s interesting also because you can touch the water while walking and feel refreshed next to the water. So come and find if it’s exciting for you!

Oresund Bridge, Sweden-Denmark.

The Oresund Bridge crosses the Oresund strait connecting Sweden with Denmark. It begins as a cable-stayed bridge in Sweden and its end becomes a tunnel in Denmark. A small imitative island was built around the tunnel’s entrance so to keep water from coming in. The bridge runs about 8 kilometers from the Swedish coast to the man-made island Peberholm, which lies in the middle of the way. A data cable also has been used by the bridge to transmit all Internet data for Finland. The underwater parts of the bridge now are covered with marine organisms and act as an artificial reef. So this bridge is also surprised us with the construction and idea.

Island in the Mur, Austria.

it is a bridge! NO, it is an island! Or maybe a floating platform? Many consider Murinsel in Graz to be all of these. Designed by an American architect, the Murinsel is a steel-and-glass construction that connects the two banks of the Mur river. But the Murinsel also features an imitative island with curves and twisted shapes that looks like a half-opened seashell. There is a floating cafe, a children’s playground, an amphitheater that entertains guests with the events and cultural programs. So with this bridge you are not only passing the river, you can have a rest or enjoy beautiful music.

Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain, South Korea.

The Banpo Bridge in Seoul may be the most multifunctional bridge in the whole world. The span, which crosses over the Hangang River, is in a fact a two-tiered bridge. It stands on top of the Jamsugyo, and it was designed to be submerged in water during the rainy season and has two lanes for cars, a bicycle lane, and a pedestrian walkway. In 2009 the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain was added to Banpo Bridge, so it became the site of a wonderful water and light show. The addition of the fountain made the Banpo Bridge the longest fountain bridge in the world. Its specialty is – 380 water jets, that shoot 190 tons of river water per minute, and after the sunset 200 multi-colored lights illuminate it in synchronization with music accompany. A park, located next to the bridge, has an outdoor stage, picnic spots, and eco-observatory, making the site popular for everyone.

Millau Viaduct, France.

Designed by French engineer and British architect, the Millau Viaduct is the 12th highest bridge in the world – 270 meters above the road. it is the tallest bridge in the world with one mast’s summit at 343.0 meters up the basis of the structure. The bridge was ranked as one of the great engineering achievements of all times. The rest area of Brocuejouls, called “Aire du Viaduc de Millau”, is located just in the north of the viaduct on an old farm named “Ferme de Brocuejouls”. The farm and its surrounding can accommodate, entertain, and provide tourism promotion activities for all the tourists. Next time we will tell of ancient historic bridges.