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Naked Truth About Celebrity Katie Price

Updated: Jul 12

Katie Price - Hollywood Movie, TV and Music Celebrity Actress - Naked and Nude - Galleries, Videos, and Biography

Katie Price, also known as Jordan, parlayed frequent nude and semi-nude appearances in the British tabloid The Sun into a full-time career as a celebrity whose fame rested on, as the Daily Mail once put it, “a décolletage that defied both the laws of biology and physics. View a gallery of Katie Price Naked and Nude TV Celebrity.

The one-time Baywatch aspirant got her start under the name Jordan as a model for “Page 3,” a girl-next-door photo feature of The Sun. Over the years she became a reader favorite, known for several breast-enhancing surgeries, her outrageous public behavior, and her failed love affairs with pop singers and soccer stars.

In 2002 she appeared in Hugh Hefner‘s Playboy magazine. Price’s reputation as an over-exposed celebrity led to a trio of documentaries by filmmaker Richard Macer: Jordan: The Truth About Me (2002), Jordan: The Model Mum (2004), and Jordan: You Don’t Even Know Me (2004). She met the Australian-English pop singer Peter Andre when both appeared on the “reality” show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2004.

They were married in 2005, and their relationship was further documented in the U.K. TV program, Katie and Peter. The pair moved to Los Angeles in 2007 when their television series was picked up by E! and renamed Katie and Peter: Stateside. They separated in 2009.

Katie Price is an English media personality, reality TV star, author, former glamour model, singer, and businesswoman.

As a businesswoman, she has proved to be very safe; a marketing and self-promoting genius, she built her own multimillion-dollar empire based on sales of her ghostwritten autobiographies and novels, her multiple reality shows, and her lucrative fashion and beauty merchandising lines. Thrice married, her personal life leaves much to be desired. She was criticized by many for putting her children in the spotlight, specifically her eldest son, Harvey, who had physical, emotional, and mental challenges, but many supported her in bringing attention to special needs children. An icon to many and an embarrassment to others, this buxom model sharply divided feminist critics. Doubtlessly, it is her ability to reinvent herself from being a super glamour model to advertisement model, to host of television shows, singer, writer of books, and successful entrepreneur selling branded perfumes, that keeps her in the media eye.

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