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EA Play Live schedule

EA Play Live schedule: Here's when to watch all 5 events

EA Play Live just grew from one pre-show and the main event to include a series of four Spotlight broadcast events running all throughout this month, and the first one is coming next week.

The EA Play Live Spotlight series will dedicate extra time to news and behind-the-scenes discussions for a series of set topics, including first-person shooters, indie studios, and a whole lot of sports. Here's the current EA Play Live schedule, including a brief synopsis for each event and who is set to appear.

Time: July 8 at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT / 6 pm BS Games: Battlefield 2042 and Apex Legends

The developers behind Battlefield 2042 and Apex Legends will meet up to talk shop about working on their respective shooter franchises and shooters as a whole. You can also expect them to drop teasers for what you'll see about both games at the main EA Play Live event later in the month.

Time: July 13 at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT / 6 pm BST Games: It Takes Two, Lost in Random, Knockout City

Representatives from a range of independent studios working with the EA Originals label will gather to discuss their work with the company and the role of indie developers in the broader industry. Josef Fares from Hazelight (the guy who cussed out the Oscars at The Game Awards that one time) is going to be there, so you know something's gonna go down.

Madden NFL 22

Time: July 19 at 4 pm PDT / 7 pm EDT / July 20 at midnight BST Games: Madden NFL 22

The developers of Madden will go on a deep dive into Madden NFL 22's new scouting feature, which is currently set to come to the game via a September update. They'll also talk about the role fans are playing in shaping the game through the Madden Design Council.

Time: July 20 at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT / 6 pm BST: Games: TBA

EA's keeping quiet on this one for now, but the company is teasing that this spotlight "will highlight an extremely cool new addition to an extremely popular and long-running EA SPORTS franchise."

EA Play Live

Time: July 22 at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT / 6 pm BST Games: Battlefield 2042, Apex Legends, Lost in Random, and more

The main event will also be the final event, though that start time is actually for the pre-show. EA Play Live proper is set to run for 40 minutes of "unwavering focus" on games, including new gameplay, reveals. WWE wrestling star and Twitch streamer Austin Creed will be on hand as the master of ceremonies.