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Difference Between Biltong and Drywors

Droewors (Dry Wors or Drywors) is an Afrikaans word that directly translates to “Dry Sausage”. It originates in South Africa and is the second most popular product we sell, just after biltong.

Droewors is a dried version of the popular South African sausage, boerewors, (a delicious sausage spiced often with coriander seed), of which thinner boerewors sausages are dried to create drywors. The thinner boerewors sausage are usually chosen for drying as they dry more quickly and are far less likely to spoil during the drying process.

Having said all this, the ingredients used to produce drywors do differ from traditional boerewors in that veal or pork are usually substituted for beef which is a more robust meat to dry.

You won’t often find any curing agents in drywors either. It is usually dried quickly, to mimic the South African hot weather, and is unique among other dried meat and sausage for that very reason. Italian cured sausages, for example, tend to be dried very slowly, and often contain curing agents to aid the process.