Deadpool And Korg React To The Free Guy Trailer

Trailer reactions are everywhere on YouTube, Twitch, and in other spots online. But one featuring what could be counted as the first (sort of) official MCU collaboration for Deadpool? Now that's worth watching. Feel the Disney synergy flow through you as Ryan Reynolds' Merc With A Mouth and Taika Waititi's rocky warrior Korg from Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame team up to tackle the Free Guy trailer.

Yes, it's proof of what you can do when A) you happen to be Ryan Reynolds, B) you star in Free Guy and Taika Waititi is the baddie in the film, and C) through J) you and everything to do with the movie, plus these two characters are owned by the Mouse House.

That said, as trademark team-ups go, this is funny, Reynolds's usual Deadpool wit and Waititi's more loveable Korg style blending well, and some good lines ("Jodie Foster!") and a typically knowing crack about Deadpool 2's fridging of Morena Baccarin's Vanessa.

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