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Colton has grown up more quickly than he expected. His father has abandoned him, his younger sister, Rachel, and his mother, he’s become responsible for the daily chores, and has taken over partial parental duties when comes to Rachel, especially when their mother escapes to a 16-day getaway to decompress.

While overseeing his daily errands and sister-sitting duties, the old, vacant house across the street shows signs of life when a father and daughter move in. Curiosity gets the better of Colton as he snoops around the house and bumps into Heather, the reclusive daughter who he immediately takes a shine to, but when he witnesses peculiar activity from the father, Colton is convinced of ill-intentions toward his daughter.

Colton and Heather scheme ways to prove his wickedness and the mysteries behind the old house and previous family disappearances, but when her father’s grasp grips tighter, Colton decides to take Heather’s safety to the next level even if he doesn’t know or understand …


Genres: Thriller

Director(s): Jax Medel

Stars: Martin Kove, Genevieve Hannelius, Darlene Vogel

Runtime: 1 h 31 min

Resolution: 1920x816

Language: English

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