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Biggest PC gaming news from E3 2021

This year's E3 PC Gaming Show hurled trailer after trailer of upcoming (and some already available) games at us, though as you'd expect there weren't many hotly anticipated games.

Premieres included:

  • Citizen Sleeper, a complex but cool-looking survival RPG where you're going to be put out of commission by An Evil Company.

  • Tinykin, an utterly adorbs 3D platformer we won't see until 2022.

  • Fighting fantasy RPG Soulstice, coming 2022.

  • Silt, a moody monochrome underwater adventure with woodcut-like graphics.

  • Lakeburg Legacies, a deck-building game about everyday life in a medieval village.

  • Humble Games' Dodgeball Academia, which is exactly what it says on the tin. Coming in 2021.

  • The 8-bit bloodshed-and-magic sequel Project Warlock 2.

  • Ixion, a space station strategy sim in which Earth is dying and you're the manager of a space station that's humanity's last hope.

  • Far Changing Tides (from Okomotive the developers of FAR: Lone Sails), where you're the captain of a ship in a flooded world searching for a new home. Coming in late 2021.

  • Wartales, a medieval turn-by-turn open-world RPG in which you play a mercenary, coming later this year.

  • Next Space Rebels just looks weird, but it's a game about home rocket building in an alternative future with the spirit of Hypnospace Outlaw. Coming this fall.

We've assembled all the big news right here, so you can get caught up on everything in one handy place.



The video leaked literally 20 minutes before Microsoft's show started, but it didn't matter. The debut trailer for Bethesda's "first new universe in over 25 years" made for one of the most genuinely exciting E3 moments in years.

Elden Ring

The long-awaited Elden Ring gameplay reveal was another huge moment, and as an added bonus we got a release date, too: January 21. The community reaction was about what you'd expect.

Diablo 2: Resurrected

Diablo 2 is 21 years old (wow) but it's one of the best ARPGs ever made, and the Resurrected remaster is looking very promising. It's also now got a release date of September 23.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

What's interesting about Gearbox's new shooter isn't that it's a Borderlands spinoff (it is), but that it's not the Borderlands spinoff you expect (it isn't). Still, it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

The Outer Worlds 2

They're making it! And that's about it. Yeah, that's it. Quality teaser, though.


Arkane unveiled a brand-new game during the big weekend, a Left 4 Dead-style co-op shooter with vampires and magic. But it's not just an L4D clone: Arkane said that, like its other games, player choice and a reactive world will be central to the experience.


There's a lot of new stuff coming over the next few years. Here are some that seem especially exciting.

An Evil Dead game is coming, and it actually looks pretty good

Jurassic World Evolution 2 will be out later this year

Forza Horizon 5 is headed to Mexico this November and lordy it looks nice

The hit 2016 2D RPG Salt and Sanctuary is getting a sequel called Salt and Sacrifice

The Anacrusis is a '70s sci-fi take on Left 4 Dead from former Valve and Riot developers

Crossfire: Legion is a 'classic RTS' being developed by the makers of Homeworld 3

Fight as Rocky, Ivan Drago, Clubber Lang, and more in Creed Champions

Be a trigger-happy spellcaster in co-op survival sandbox Wizard with a Gun

Bramble: The Mountain King is a weird new horror game is inspired by creepy Nordic fairytales

Become the Baba Yaga in the open-world horror-adventure Blacktail

Students major in pizza and magic in this trailer for Two Point Campus

Bloodhunt is a battle royale game set in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe, and it's out this year

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes and new spin-off, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, will come to Xbox Game Pass at launch

Ubisoft reveals Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, out next year

Grime is a trippy new Metroidvania featuring living weapons and a bizarre art style

Douse fires, save people, and fly on a firehose in Firegirl: Hack 'n Splash Rescue

Abzu meets Limbo in brutal underwater adventure Silt

Slime Rancher 2 will be bouncing onto PC in 2022

This newly revealed Final Fantasy game is so bad it's good

Far: Changing Tides is a lonely post-apocalyptic voyage, coming late 2021

Ixion is a space station management sim with strong Frostpunk vibes

Let's once again ride a wave of rats in A Plague Tale: Requiem

Contraband is a 1970s co-op smuggling game from the Just Cause team

Rocksmith+ looks like a neat way to learn the guitar or bass

Koch Media's new Prime Matter publishing label is bringing back Painkiller.

The stop-motion co-op adventure platformer Vokabulantis looks absolutely fantastic, and it's got a sweet-sounding story, too.

Her Story creator Sam Barlow's next game is a decades-spanning Hollywood thriller called Immortality


  • Beasts of Maravilla Island - Out now

  • Minute of Islands - Also out now

  • Red Solstice 2: Survivors - June 17

  • Black Skylands - July 9

  • Last Stop - July 22

  • Hell Let Loose - July 27

  • Tribes of Midgard - July 27

  • The Forgotten City - July 28

  • Chernobylite - July 28

  • Lemnis Gate: August 3

  • Death Trash - August 5

  • Skatebird - August 12

  • Naraka: Bladepoint - August 12

  • 12 Minutes - August 19

  • Psychonauts 2 - August 25

  • Lake - September 1

  • Sable - September 23

  • Back 4 Blood - October 12

  • House of Ashes - October 21

  • Age of Empires 4 - October 28


Because sometimes you just want a little catch-up with a game you've been waiting for.

  • Tales of Arise's new trailer shows off gorgeous new environments, teases story stuff that makes no sense

  • Monster Hunter Stories 2's new trailer has me very excited to train my dragon

  • Death's Door gameplay video showcases 'tight 2D pixel-art action

  • Far Cry 6 lets you bring a cock to a gunfight

  • Skateboard tricks are the most valuable currency in OlliOlli World

  • The new trailer for kung-fu brawler Sifu shows a nightclub beatdown

  • Fallout meets weird Soviet sci-fi in the alt-history RPG Encased

  • New trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One shows a younger, cooler detective

  • See Aiden Pearce and Wrench duke it out in the Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline trailer

  • This soup game looks hot

  • Call of Duty: Warzone's Season 4 trailer brings fire-breathing dragons to Zombies

  • The New Aragami 2 gameplay demo gives us a better look at Dishonored in Japan