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Best Action Movies of 2020

Whether you prefer the high-stakes world of assassins, butt-kicking superheroes, or nightmare-inducing deep-sea creatures, you'll find something on this list. Oh, and that tired stereotype that action movies are only for men?

Yeah, definitely not the case. A lot of the best action movies available to stream this year focus on badass women who are really good at their jobs. So the next time you're feeling powerless, unsafe, and unsure about this whole "new normal" thing, pop in one of 2020's best action movies. Download your action movies from Tags and Chats with the link in the name.


Having the job of an assassin doesn't leave much room for error. Unfortunately, the titular character (played by Jessica Chastain) has to learn that the hard way after she botches a hit and ends up fighting for her life. Guess it's too late for her to rewind and become a teacher instead.

The Old Guard

What could be more legendary than Charlize Theron? Charlize Theron playing an immortal warrior who uses her healing abilities to protect mankind, that's what.

Birds of Prey

Harley Quinn is back in this Suicide Squad sequel, which focuses on her life post-Joker breakup. After partnering with Black Canary, Huntress, and Renee Montoya, she's ready to fight a supervillain. Joker, who?

The Hunt

You know that sometimes sweet, sometimes sour moment between sleeping and waking up when you have no idea what the hell is going on? That feeling is 10 times worse for the characters in this action thriller. Once they realize they have to hunt humans for sport, their nightmare pretty much...never ends.

Black Widow

It's about time Black Widow got her own origin film. What makes this action-packed flick even better is the fact that Florence Pugh co-stars as her sister.

The New Mutants

Having a superpower gene isn't always easy. But it's no problem for Arya Stark, uh, I mean, Maisie Williams who joins young mutants in the last installment of the X-Men film series.

Wonder Woman 1984

Cheetah vs. Wonder Woman: Who would you bet your hard-earned money on? Gal Gadot faces off against Kristen Wiig in this highly-anticipated, possibly-theatrical production. Personally, I wouldn't want to mess with either lady, though I'm def open to befriending both!

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals

Princesses who defy their duties aren't anything new (please see: Ariel, Merida, and Jasmine), but these rebellious royals take it to the next level in this sci-fi superhero flick when they form their own secret society.

The King’s Daughter

Kings, mermaids, and a quest for immortality share center stage in this wondrous adventure film. By the way, my forever crush Pierce Brosnan plays the lead.

Blood on Her Name

Murder is one of those things that you can't undo...right? Even if you regret it, what's done is done. Someone should let Leigh Tiller (played by Bethany Anne Lind, who you might recognize from Ozark) in on this *before* she tries to return the body of a man she killed to his family.

Bad Boys for Life

The bad boys are back. If you need a laugh and a thrill, look no further than Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's third addition to the popular franchise. It was released in January and grossed over $400 million worldwide, further proving that Will and Martin are the perfect duo for a buddy comedy.

Boss Level

Think Groundhog Day meets Happy Death Day, except there's nothing remotely cheerful about being trapped in a never-ending loop of the day of your death. Let's hope the retired special ops soldier has what it takes to return to normalcy and ultimately, save his own life.


Being six miles beneath the earth's surface is enough to make anyone feel a bit uneasy. Now combine that with a leaking drilling station and a mysterious creature that's intent on killing you. Yikes. (Side note: Hi there, Kristen Stewart!)

No Time to Die

James Bond is forced to confront the worst danger of his life in the 25th (!!!) installment of the famous film series. By the way, this is Daniel Craig's last rodeo as the debonair agent. Fingers crossed Idris Elba is up next!

The Rhythm Section

Blake Lively sheds all remnants of Serena Van Der Woodsen in order to become Stephanie Patrick: A woman on a mission to avenge the people responsible for the plane crash that killed her family.

Artemis Fowl

Artemis is a 12-year-old genius tasked with tackling underground fairies who might be behind his father's disappearance. If that sounds magical yet outlandish, it totally is. All props go to Disney.

Lost Bullet

A French film about ram cars? I'm listening. When the lead gets entangled with dirty cops, he has to use his rather niche talents to avoid prison time.

Top Gun: Maverick

Apparently, 34 years isn't too much time between movies to have a sequel. Tom Cruise reprises his role as U.S. Navy pilot LT Pete "Maverick" Mitchell in the sequel to the 1986 favorite.

My Spy

After a 9-year-old girl catches a CIA operative spying on her family, she makes him teach her his trade in exchange for not blowing his cover.

Spenser Confidential

Mark Wahlberg, along with Hawk (aka M'Baku from Black Panther), returns to his real-life hometown of Boston to find out the truth about a murder. An ex-cop and an ex-con? Yeah, that's a duo you don't want to mess with.