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30+ Marketing Experts Reveal Their Awful Video Marketing Mistakes

30+ Marketing Experts Reveal Their Awful Video Marketing Mistakes (and How You Can Do Better).

“Video marketing isn’t rocket science,” said no one, ever. A successful video marketing strategy it’s so much more than simply recording a video and uploading it on the Internet. From the right format to how you address your viewers, you need to match all the pieces together to get your message across effectively.

Let’s face it. It is normal for businesses to make mistakes here and there when planning their video marketing campaigns, especially small businesses, and startups.

The truth is, even the most experienced video marketer has made at least one huge, gigantic mistake in their careers. After all, creating the perfect video that quickly goes viral and skyrockets your sales to the moon is just, of course, wishful thinking, isn’t it? But, you can dodge the bullet.

We reached out to marketing experts and asked them to riff on the theme of video marketing mistakes: “What is the worst video marketing mistake(s) you’ve ever made, and how did you solve it?” We’ve compiled all their answers so you can learn from their biggest mistakes and avoid making the same mistakes.

Their keen insights shed some lights on some areas for improvement, such as:

  • Set the goals clearly

  • Don’t make the videos too long and hard-selling

  • Pay attention to the analytics

  • Invest in video SEO

Okay… enough with the spoiler. Here they are, in their own words! Chris Stanislawek, Marketing Manager at Wishpond Underestimating video analytics was a big mistake we made. Read more Amir Shahzeidi, SEO Lead at Uscreen The biggest mistake was to create a video marketing strategy that was only built to attract new viewers and not retain the current audience. Read more Surya Ranjan Pandita, SEO strategist at SocialPilot I usually kept my marketing videos straight to the point without any fun factor. Read more Roy Emmerson, Media Relations Coordinator at CleverFiles My main mistake in video marketing was making too long videos. Read more Henny Kel, Social Media Strategist & Brand Manager at Designhill We empowered our video strategies by adding time stamping, infographics and included it in daily life! Read more Irina Weber, Content Strategist at SE Ranking Failing to use SEO for your video marketing strategy. Read more Denise Langenegger, Outreach Strategist at Instasize

Overlooking the video thumbnail. Read more Mike Sadowski, CEO at Brand24 Making our first videos so long that they were more infomercial than short and sweet marketing tools Read more Oliver Bridge, CMO at Bonjoro Without strategic planning you might end up shooting your videos and having no effect on how people view your business. Read more Johannes Rastas, Affiliate Marketing Manager at Supermetrics For me, the most important lesson was about including a CTA early on, even if it feels promotional. Read more Skirmantas Venckus, Growth Hacker at Sender One video - one goal. Read more Petra Odak, CMO at Better Proposals My biggest video marketing mistake is not doing more of it back when we started. Read more Brad Smith, CEO at Wordable We used to focus more on the spoken content Read more Farwa Anees, Digital Marketing Executive at Content Studio Making a generic video that covers all the features Read more Adam Steele, COO at Loganix The biggest video marketing mistake I've made is not focusing enough on YouTube search. Read more Mark Condon, CEO/Founder at Shotkit Jumping straight into video production without properly considering storyboards, scripts, and other preparatory steps. Read more Christopher Vasilis, Founder & CEO at Woorise Forgetting a Call-to-Action (CTA). Read more Kristina Žiaukė, Content Manager at Sixads The biggest video marketing mistake we've made was not considering videos in our content marketing strategy more seriously. Read more Neal Taparia, CEO & Founder at Solitaired We created a number of videos that focused on showing our solitaire games Read more James Rose, Founder at Content Snare The biggest mistake we've made is creating sales videos that don't engage the video from the first few seconds. Read more Jacek Ptak, Co-Founder at Krakow Direct I think the one mistake we made at first was to focus on the brand rather than the potential customer Read more Jeffrey Kagan, Chief Revenue Officer at Nifty The biggest mistake that I have made was to treat video marketing as a sales pitch. Read more Jack Zmudzinski, Senior Associate at Future Processing Incorrect branding. Read more Anastasiia Avramenko, YouTube Manager at Railsware We’ve faced a problem with our most popular video Google Sheet Tutorial for Beginners. Read more Varun Goyal, Inbound marketing at StoryXpress The biggest video marketing mistake made by marketers is making YouTube as the one and only place to host videos. Read more Datis Mohsenipour, Marketing Manager at Hey Orca Perfectionism is a common mistake made by marketers when working on video campaigns. Read more Andriy Haydash, WordPress Developer at Progmatiq I feel like the biggest video marketing mistake that I've made was that I didn't start making YouTube videos early enough. Read more Matt Janaway, CEO at Marketing Labs One of our biggest video marketing mistakes we've made in the past was not making the most of the videos we created. Read more Eduard Paziuk, SEO Specialist at Phonexa My worst mistake in video marketing: I didn’t create video based on keywords related to my business. Read more Georgi Todorov, Founder at Digitalnovas When I was recording videos for my link-building training, I went through different processes in detail. Read more Dima Suponau, CEO & Founder at Number For Live Person This is definitely a learned skill and, for us, it’s been a case of trial and error. Read more Nikola Roza, Owner of Nikola Roza - SEO for the Poor and Determined The one mistake I made early on in my marketing career is approaching video marketing without a plan. Read more Milosz Krasinski, Managing Director at Chilli Fruit Web Consulting Video marketing can be hugely effective when done right but, like most people, I’ve made the odd mistake along the way. Read more Jacek Wieczorek, CMO at Bank Opening I was recording a video that included a shared screen. Read more Paul Granger, Content Marketer at Website Promoter Outsourcing - If you’re out to make a great first impression you may be tempted to outsource your video creation to a third party for a debut that truly wows. Read more Marty Rogers, Co-Founder at Fresh Lead Finder I once sent a video out to my email list with a huge and exciting product announcement Read more Stefano Pisoni, LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert at SP Company The most trivial? Having a bad microphone. Read more Patrick Mazurkiewicz, CEO & Founder at WirEntsorgen Not using SEO. Read more