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The first thing a company wants to know when advertising on any website is how much traffic is flowing thru the website. We got that covered at Tags & Chats to ensure maximum exposure at not only an affordable price but

the lowest on the web and any other platform.

What sets TAGS & CHATS apart from other sites is any listing whether it's a business or private listing will feature on the home and landing pages of categories giving anyone direct exposure for FREE for any product, business portfolio, and promotion.

PLUS these listings are not only indexable by Google but also generate traffic to a companies own website saving time and money for little effort. With the boosted advantage of 3 banner ads across the Tags & Chats platform together with the most visited content websites articles from across the world, we draw new visitors to feature a company at a fraction of the cost.

The Tags & Chats website currently ranks:

55,262 World Wide and Climbing and 400th busiest website in South Africa

& Estimated visits per day: 14,474

Estimated page views per day: 72,290

Estimated visits per month: 434,220

Estimated page views per month: 2,168,700

Estimated visits per year: 5,210,640

Estimated page views per year: 26,024,400 ensuring maximum exposure to any company.


Gabriel Klue

SEO & Website Specialist

8 years in web designing and SEO Trade with numerous websites under his belt ranging from 1-page websites, E-Commerce, and more advanced website ranging from 20+ pages plus.  Over the years trained to be a designer in logos, banners, videos, and other artwork for a website to give a website the leading edge over competitors with a unique look and feel without jeopardizing the SEO and performance of a website but rather to enhance it.

Recent projects include Matrix Warehouse and Maverick Lan Gaming's websites.


Featured on various landing pages is company banners in 3 different sizes across our website generating exposure and traffic to your website increasing your rank regardless. 


All banners include artwork if needed. 3 Different Sizes Banners - $150 (R2000). Included in the price are 3X Banners running for a period of 3 Months after artwork approval.

We have a lot of options available and can be viewed on our advertising page.

Ewaste Electrical and Electronic recycli

Heiny Bester

Company Lead Coordinator

Running 2 companies of his own Heiny looks after Tags & Chats leads generated by advertising and coordinating freelancers and designers for Tags & Chats and ensuring our clients are satisfied with their designs and outcome of campaigns and placement of banner advertising within the website so all is fair to our clients big or small.

Contact Heiny for more info or advertising at

Klarissa Botes.jpg

Klarissa Botes

Graphic Designer

10 Year veteran in graphic designing for numerous big companies including Matrix Warehouse with a vast range of skills ranging not only on the digital side but on company branding as well which includes business cards, pamphlets, posters, printing and more so rest assured that any design done by Klarissa for your company on  Tags & Chats will be hitting your target market right on the money.

She has successfully created and implemented digital graphic design projects from concept through to design, print & production.

Working closely with her clients to create a vision, conceive designs, & consistently she will meet any deadline & requirement you might need.

Contact me for more info to advertise on

Tags & Chats or for Freelance Designing for a company HERE.

View the full profile of Klarissa.

View the full artwork portfolio of Klarissa

Passionate Kiss
Image by Daniel Korpai
Image by Mason  Kimbarovsky
Image by Bonnie Kittle
Game Controller

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