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Wedding Dress & Clothing Tailor

Established in 2004 by Owner Basil Tucker (Tailor) who operated a tailoring business since the age of 16 from his parent’s residence in 7th Ave Alberton North. Today still situated in Alberton, but open to public and not just exclusive Clientele, since 2014 

A fashion Designer located in Alberton, and a corporate business Manager, I have dedicated my life not only for business but for Fashion starting off as a hobby and building it into a Business as one of the most important and passionate aspects of my life. I create personalized designs, make any type of clothes and custom-made dresses from any material. I believe in honesty and transparency, always making you feel comfortable and at ease when working on your dream pieces.

Contact Details:


Address: 55 2nd Ave Alberton North Alberton 1449

Email: handyneedle@outlook.com

Call/WhatsApp: 079 254 6711

We specialize in:

  • Custom Dresses

  • Wedding Dresses

  • Bridesmaid's Dresses

  • Mother of the bride/grooms Dresses

  • Men's Wear

  • Occasional wear

  • African Wear

  • Tailoring

  • Clothing Restoration

  • Bedroom

  • Curtaining

  • Bathroom

  • Bags

Custom Dresses

I have designed and made dresses of all types and sizes, from your casual to formal. I design and create as per your specifications based on look and feel, type of material and pattern.

Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses are a very special and memorable moment in any women’s life, the dress is always unique and not like any other seem before, therefore I live for making dreams come true, making sure that you will always feel like royalty and glamour’s and shining star when you walk into the room. I believe in honesty and transparency, always making you feel comfortable and at ease when working on your dream dress. May it be that you prefer new aged fashion on any era of look, I can create it, and you can remember it for the rest of your life. Making any event you may attend as memorable and magical just as you have always dreamt about it, after all, it's more than just a dress. If you already have the dress, and not happy about it, I can alter it to your specifications or taste.

Bridesmaids Dresses

This is also one of the important aspects of any ladies first step into marriage, getting her Best friends looking just as good as she does on her dream day. Needless to say, all bridesmaids are different and need to look the same but don’t always have the exact same body type, therefor any bridesmaid needs to be treated as an separate dress making experience, creating and designing each dress with perfection and anticipation of every bridesmaid dream look.

Mother of the bride/groom dresses

As special as the occasion may be, any mother would need to look as proud as they feel about their Child getting married, I also cater for the older class Lady, may it be a single dress, or 2 peace package dress or dress with evening coat / overcoat, you dream it I make it!

Men’s Wear

uIt’s always easier to Hire or buy men’s suites, formal shirts and matching ties for any occasion, however for the bold or new aged Man, I can design just about any suite you fancy for that special occasion as it may be. I also cater for the individual unique design or personal tailor.

Occasional Wear

I can design and cater for any type of Occasion or event that needs that special or blend in look. If size is the problem, I cater for the XL – X7L, includes Men's and Women's wear tops, jeans, shirts, formal wear.

African Wear


With a fast and dynamic country like South Africa, I cannot limit myself to the modern art, I have designed many types of attire form the African design including Kids sizes.


This includes all 11 nationalities, and abroad, from the more common wear Eg, Zulu or Venda, to Indian. 

Men’s African wear

Women’s African Dresses

Kids African wear



Garment alterations & Tailoring

We alter, tailor and work our magic on all your garments that are just not quite right, including taking in hems, adjusting fit according to your size as well as adding details like collars to freshen up a tired item of clothing.

Handy Needle will also replace all your missing buttons and broken zips as well as fix all those little things on well-loved items of clothing that you’ve been Trousers, Jeans & Shorts


  • Shorten leg length 

  • Take in or let out,

  • Remove and sew up bulky pockets

  • Taper legs

  • Add rips to denim

  • Adding decorative & functional patches

  • Replacing worn out elastic

  • Re-hemming

Trousers, Jeans & Shorts

  • Shorten leg length 

  • Take in or let out,

  • Remove and sew up bulky pockets

  • Taper legs

  • Add rips to denim

  • Adding decorative & functional patches

  • Replacing worn out elastic

  • Re-hemming

Shirts & Blouses

  • Shorten length

  • Shorten sleeves, with or without cuffs, Change the shape of collar

  • Take-in sides

  • Add darts

  • Improve general fit 

  • Turn collars

Dresses & Skirts

  • Re-style skirt shape

  • Shorten length

  • Take-in hips and waist

  • Change the width or length of sleeves, Alter neckline

  • Remove frills

  • Shorten straps

  • Alter shoulders

  • Improve general fit

  • Re-hemming

Clothing Restoration

Sometimes clothes just need a little love to get them looking fabulous again. Let us have a look at your well loved pieces and recommend some sprucing up.

We do clothing restoration in terms of replacing missing buttons, re-hemming, replacing broken zips and restitching seams that have come undone


  • Repair undone stitching

  • Replace worn out elastic

  • Turn collars on shirts and blouses

  • Re-hem dresses, skirts and trousers

  • Collar addition

  • Decorative and functional patches addition


Ever had a button pop off at an inopportune moment? Make sure it doesn’t happen with our comprehensive list of trims and fastenings repair.

Zip Replacement

  • Short (Jeans, trousers, shirts, kids etc.)

  • Long (Duvets, coats, parkas etc.)

  • Invisible (evening wear, smart)

Buttons, Hooks & Eyes


  • Replacement of buttons

  • Suggestions on button updates

  • Button position adjustment

Hooks & Eyes

  • Addition of hooks and eyes to improve fit

  • Press stud addition for shirt placket to rectify gaping


  • Comforters

  • Duvet Sets

  • Pillow Casings

  • Curtaining.

  • All types of Curtaining sizes and designs

Form person styles to modern mainstream, I can size it and make it, specializing in comforters, duvet set, pillow casings and curtaining

Custom Made Bags of Leather and Material

Everyone has bags, and love them. I design and make most types of bags. Specialty would be Leather side bags, Men’s and Ladies, with Genuine Leather or Generic Leather or Material

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