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    • Sister Shaza, Now Zoa Morani, Tests Positive

      According to sources, Zoa Morani, who had returned from Rajasthan around mid-March, tested positive for COVID-19. 📷 Picture courtesy/Zoa Morani's Instagram account Hours after Bollywood producer Karim Morani revealed that his daughter Shaza Morani had tested positive for COVID-19, her actor-sister Zoa has also been infected, according to family sources. Shaza, who had returned from Sri Lanka in the first week of March, showed no symptoms but was admitted to Nanavati Hospital here, on Monday. According to sources, Zoa, who had returned from Rajasthan around mid-March, tested positive for COVID-19. "She had tested today for COVID-19 and her results came positive by evening. She is in Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, whereas Shaza is under medication at Nanavati. Shaza will be tested again after two days. As of now, the immediate family, house help is also getting tested. They are all under quarantine," a source told PTI. Make sure to check out our other celebrity news, gossip and articles: News and gossip from Celebrity Favourites, News from the Royal Family, News and gossip from the Kardashians and Jenners, General Celebrity News and Gossip and Bollywood Celebrity news and gossip.

    • LeBron James Celebrating Big NBA Win

      LeBron James treated himself to a lavish whip after he won his 4th NBA championship with the Lakers on Oct. 11! LeBron James won his fourth championship and was crowned Finals MVP for the fourth time on October 11. So, it was only right that he went out and dropped nearly $2 million on a Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet SUV after the big win. — That’s pocket change to the King, who also earned a hefty bonus for winning the Larry O’Brien championship trophy. “Lebron celebrated his big win with a very big reward for himself, a rare Mercedes-Maybach SUV worth almost 2 million dollars. It’s such a rare vehicle and hard to find because there were only 99 made,” a source close to LeBron told HollywoodLife, exclusively. “It’s been something he’s wanted to add to his car collection, so he’s had his feelers out for a while. One came available and the timing was perfect for him to treat himself after the big win.” Tony Bet of Driving Emotions Toronto recently shared photos of LeBron’s new SUV on Instagram — indicating that he may have had a hand in securing the extraordinary vehicle for the NBA champ. “Congrats to @kingjames on the championship! Enjoy the new whip @drivingemotionstoronto,” Bet wrote in the caption of his post. The Mercedes website describes the rare off-roading model as the “definition of unique luxury” and the “most exclusive form of stylish open-top motoring.” — “With its superlative V12 engine, portal axles, electric fabric top, and exclusive equipment specification in the rear compartment, this very special all-terrain vehicle, which is limited to 99 units, meets the expectations of customers who demand the very highest standards of their vehicle,” the site reads. LeBron James celebrates with his teammates after the Lakers defeated the Miami Heat 106-93 in Game 6 of the NBA Finals on in Florida on October 11, 2020. While LeBron dropped a pretty penny on the new whip, he’s also celebrating his 4th NBA title with something money can’t buy family. He’s been looking forward to making up for lost time (after spending several months in the NBA bubble) with his wife, Savannah, and their three kids: sons Bronny Jr., 16, and Bryce Maximus, 13, and daughter Zhuri, 5. “LeBron could not wait to come home and just unwind and be with his family,” a second source told HollywoodLife. “It’s such a stark contrast from how he felt before he left for the bubble because all he wanted to do was get back on the court at the time. Now that they’ve won the championship, he couldn’t be happier or prouder that they accomplished what they went to do in the bubble, the source explained, adding, “LeBron feels incredibly blessed and is enjoying well-deserved time with his family to show them how much he appreciates for them supporting him.” LeBron James, his wife Savannah, and their three kids: Bronny Jr., Bryce, and Zhuri, at the LA premiere of ‘Smallfoot’ in Westwood, CA on September 22, 2018. A third source close to LeBron noted that while family time is his priority, he’ll still be busy with his Hollywood ventures in the off-season. “He’s so relaxed and relieved to be with his family. But, he’ll be working on Space Jam and getting another Friday the 13th off the ground,” the insider said. “Speaking of scary things, he’s getting ready for Halloween and finding out ways to make that special for his little ones” amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, all three sources noted that LBJ is still “glowing” from his big championship win, which the Lakers dedicated to the late, great Kobe Bryant.

    • Premier League 1 June training starts

      Premier League clubs ask players to prepare for training on June 1 ahead of season restart. Premier League clubs are getting ready for a possible season resumption in the coming weeks. Managers and their coaching staff are aiming to be back working with their players by that date at the very latest. Several leading players returned home before the lockdown was put in place and it is not known whether they will be able to return to England in time to help their teams. Clubs will have to see if they can arrange flights to get stars back and ready to perform at the highest level. UEFA are piling pressure on the Premier League to get the season finished to avoid a whole host of potential problems. Top-flight officials are aiming for a June 8 resumption depending on Government approval, but it remains an unrealistic target with the coronavirus crisis ongoing. UEFA would ideally want all domestic leagues throughout Europe completed by August 3. If this cannot be achieved play-offs to decide European places and relegation spots may have to take place instead. UEFA wants to use the month of August to finish the Champions League and Europa League before the beginning of next season. View more interesting sports news and articles from other sports like Boxing News, UFC News, American Sports News, F1 Formula One News, Soccer - Football News, Golf News, Rugby News or view our General Sports News consisting of Tennis, WWE, Cycling, Athletics and other sports from around the world.

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    • Places to visit for holiday and getaways

      Articles & Lists about the best places, trips & countries to visit Whether you get your best travel info from Instagram, travel blogs, articles, or word-of-mouth, you’re likely to come across a new potential destination idea you haven’t thought of before. But how do you narrow down your choices? For one, there’s the power of popularity. Say what you will about “touristy” spots, but there’s definitely a reason so many people flock to those vacay destinations. Maybe you’re looking to stay within the same continent or spread your wings and go somewhere as far away as possible. On this page we compiled lists of the best places, nightlife, museums, theatres and more to visit across the world. Gabriel Klue Sep 30, 2020 The most haunted places in the US Gabriel Klue Sep 30, 2020 Mysterious places in the US to visit Gabriel Klue Sep 24, 2020 Mexico’s Best Under-the-Radar Destinations Gabriel Klue Aug 10, 2020 Movie-Based Rides at Universal Theme Parks Gabriel Klue Jun 11, 2020 Murder Mystery-Themed Wine Train Gabriel Klue May 28, 2020 Romantic Hotels in Hawaii Gabriel Klue May 4, 2020 Best RV Drive Locations in the US Gabriel Klue Apr 29, 2020 Best Islands and Beaches in US Gabriel Klue Apr 16, 2020 Best Art Galleries in Washington Best Budget Island Resorts When planning your next getaway, why not look at some of these all-inclusive island vacations to get the most bang for your buck. Worlds Quirkiest Hotels Here are some of the world's most memorable accommodations that's so quirky it's a must-see. Visit This Bucket List Places You Must Add On Your Bucket List To Visit Before You Die Add these places to visit to a bucket list, it's some of the most amazing places across the world. Gabriel Klue Sep 30, 2020 Mysterious places in London you need to visit Gabriel Klue Sep 16, 2020 Best nightclubs in London Gabriel Klue Sep 16, 2020 TOP UK CLUBS TO VISIT Gabriel Klue Jul 6, 2020 Most beautiful caravan spots around the UK Gabriel Klue Jun 11, 2020 One-Of-A-Kind Manor in Oxfordshire Gabriel Klue May 2, 2020 Best Guided Tours In Europe Gabriel Klue May 2, 2020 Best Winter Holiday in Europe Gabriel Klue May 2, 2020 Harry Potter Filming Locations You Can Visit Gabriel Klue Apr 6, 2020 Best Cities to Visit in UK Gabriel Klue Jan 6 Disneyland Avengers Campus Will Open In 2021 Gabriel Klue Jan 1 Everything Walt Disney World Is Planning To Reopen In 2021 Gabriel Klue Oct 3, 2020 Virtual Haunted Places To Visit Gabriel Klue Oct 1, 2020 Abandoned places around the world to visit Gabriel Klue Sep 30, 2020 Mysterious and Spooky places to visit Gabriel Klue Sep 29, 2020 MSC Cruise Holidays Gabriel Klue Sep 29, 2020 Dream Yacht Charters Seychelles Gabriel Klue Sep 29, 2020 SEYCHELLES Superyacht Support Agency Gabriel Klue Sep 28, 2020 Marella Cruise Holidays Gabriel Klue Aug 7, 2020 Secluded Nature Vacation Spots Gabriel Klue Jul 24, 2020 How Covid-19 will change air travel as we know it Gabriel Klue Jul 21, 2020 SLEEP AMONG ELEPHANTS IN THE 'JUNGLE BUBBLE' SUITES OF THAILAND Gabriel Klue Jul 20, 2020 Quick guide to visiting Fiji Gabriel Klue Jul 6, 2020 Brits in for ‘cheap holidays bonanza’ Gabriel Klue Jul 6, 2020 Foreign holiday is 40% cheaper Gabriel Klue Jun 27, 2020 Most Dangerous Cruise Ports Gabriel Klue Jun 26, 2020 Singapore's Changi Airport named best in the world Gabriel Klue Jun 17, 2020 Most Beautiful Places in the World Gabriel Klue Jun 16, 2020 Emirates plan on keeping staff and passengers safe on flights Gabriel Klue Jun 13, 2020 BOOST YOUR QANTAS BALANCE WITHOUT FLYING Gabriel Klue Jun 13, 2020 VIRGIN AUSTRALIA’S COULD DELIVER SHOCK TO VELOCITY MEMBERS Gabriel Klue Jun 5, 2020 Forbes names Philippines one of rising stars in Travel Gabriel Klue Jun 3, 2020 Travel stories that were too good to be true Gabriel Klue May 24, 2020 Kauai Sea Tours - Napali Coast Adventures Gabriel Klue May 23, 2020 Best Caribbean Cruises Gabriel Klue May 23, 2020 Reasons to Consider a Yacht Charter BOTS Global May 18, 2020 Travel Vlogs To Watch Gabriel Klue May 17, 2020 The PLASTINARIUM Museum Gabriel Klue May 13, 2020 Outdoor International Hunting, Fishing and Tours Gabriel Klue May 2, 2020 Romantic Gettaways for Couples World's Best Art Museums Greatest art museums across the globe according to which have the largest and most comprehensive collections of iconic art. Visit Before they GONE! Breathtaking Places to Visit before they vanish from the face of the earth. These places are amazing to see in one's lifetime. Most Attractive Countries Most Attractive Countries for Tourists Tourism is becoming more and more popular. It’s one of the best ways to spend a holiday. Gabriel Klue May 13, 2020 Nomad African Tours Gabriel Klue May 13, 2020 MAROI AFRICAN HUNTING SAFARI Gabriel Klue May 13, 2020 Rovos African Train Safaris Gabriel Klue Apr 5, 2020 GOLD REEF CITY THEME PARK Gabriel Klue Apr 5, 2020 Sun City Resort & Casino South Africa Gabriel Klue Apr 5, 2020 Best theme parks South Africa Gabriel Klue Mar 31, 2020 Ultimate Guide On Visiting The Kruger National Park Gabriel Klue Mar 31, 2020 Best Campsites In South Africa Gabriel Klue Mar 28, 2020 Best Museums in Cape Town View More AFRICA View More CHINA View More AUSTRALIA View More US View More INDIA View More NEW ZEALAND View More UK Celebrity News Trending Celebrities Royal News Bollywood News Kardashians Movie News Movie Downloads Series Downloads Love & Relationships Sport News Tech News Strange & Bizarre Fitness & Gym Health & Wellbeing Food & Drinks Food Recipes Travelling Adventure Fashion News Online Shopping Promotions Gaming News Pet Articles Shows & Events Business Listings Gabriel Klue Sep 28, 2020 Iconic Sydney experiences to have Gabriel Klue Sep 28, 2020 Luxury Australian hotels to visit Gabriel Klue Jun 30, 2020 TREES FOR SYDNEY URBAN HEAT ISLAND Gabriel Klue May 26, 2020 Best Outdoor Adventures Australia Gabriel Klue May 26, 2020 The Best Museums in Australia Gabriel Klue Apr 20, 2020 INSIDE AUSTRALIA'S BEST CLUBS Gabriel Klue Apr 20, 2020 Australia’s best nightlife Gabriel Klue Apr 6, 2020 Best Cities to Visit in Australia Gabriel Klue Apr 2, 2020 GUIDE TO THE GREAT BARRIER REEF Gabriel Klue Oct 3, 2020 Haunted Places in New Zealand to visit Gabriel Klue May 14, 2020 Explore Middle Earth New Zealand Gabriel Klue May 14, 2020 Best Bars in Auckland Gabriel Klue May 14, 2020 NEW ZEALAND BARS AND NIGHTLIFE Gabriel Klue Apr 6, 2020 Best Cities to Visit in New Zealand Gabriel Klue Apr 4, 2020 Best Fly Fishing Spots in New Zealand Gabriel Klue Apr 4, 2020 What to know and where to fish in New Zealand Gabriel Klue Apr 4, 2020 New Zealand’s best theme parks Gabriel Klue Apr 2, 2020 Best Family Aquarium in New Zealand Gabriel Klue Oct 1, 2020 Best backpacking locations in India Gabriel Klue Oct 1, 2020 Mysterious Places in India to visit Gabriel Klue May 21, 2020 Adventure Travel Destinations In India Gabriel Klue May 21, 2020 Luxury Spas in India Gabriel Klue May 21, 2020 Spiritual Destinations In India Gabriel Klue Apr 5, 2020 Destinations for Adventure & Nature Lovers in India Gabriel Klue Apr 5, 2020 Best Theme & Amusement Parks in India Gabriel Klue Mar 26, 2020 Festivals and Events in India Gabriel Klue Mar 26, 2020 Best Beaches in India Gabriel Klue Oct 3, 2020 Haunted Places in China to visit Gabriel Klue Oct 1, 2020 Terrifying tourist sites in China to visit Gabriel Klue Apr 20, 2020 Dali Nightlife Gabriel Klue Apr 20, 2020 Lijiang Nightlife Gabriel Klue Apr 20, 2020 Dalian Nightlife Gabriel Klue Apr 20, 2020 Kunming Nightlife Gabriel Klue Apr 20, 2020 Hangzhou Nightlife Gabriel Klue Apr 20, 2020 Nanjing Nightlife Gabriel Klue Apr 20, 2020 Guangzhou Nightlife Royal News Celebrity News Bollywood News Favourites Kardashians

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    • EGOT The most coveted achievement in Hollywood

      This feat is so difficult to achieve that only 16 people are on the list of EGOT winners, including Whoopi Goldberg, Mel Brooks, Audrey Hepburn, John Legend, and Rita Moreno. About five others may also claim to be unofficial EGOT winners because one or more of their wins were honorary awards rather than given in a competition against others. According to Vanity Fair, "Miami Vice" actor Philip Michael Thomas coined "EGOT" and popularized it by wearing a gold medallion around his neck with the acronym emblazoned onto the medallion in the mid-'80s. "Hopefully in the next five years, I will win all of those awards," an overconfident Thomas reportedly told an interviewer in 1984. That's as close as Thomas would ever get to the phrase, as he hasn't won even one of the awards represented on his medallion. But thanks for naming the achievement, Philip! He isn't alone in having EGOT ambition, of course. Currently, there are many performers who are or had been (in the case of the deceased) one award away from achieving EGOT status, including Julie Andrews, Cher, Kate Winslet, Al Pacino, Elton John, Cyndi Lauper, and Lily Tomlin. Here are all the current EGOT winners, including those who won non-competitive or special awards. Richard Rodgers Richard Rodgers was the first person ever to get an EGOT. In addition to more than five Tony wins, the composer also snagged an Academy Award for the track "State Fair" in 1945, Grammys for the "No Strings" and "The Sound of Music Albums," and an Emmy for outstanding achievement in original music composed for television. Helen Hayes There is a theater in New York City named after Helen Hayes. Hayes received Oscars for her leading roles in "The Sin of Madelon Claudet" and "Airport." She also won an Emmy, a Grammy, and two Tony Awards for her parts in "Happy Birthday" and "Time Remembered." Rita Moreno Rita Moreno played Anita in "West Side Story." Aside from winning an Oscar for her supporting role in "West Side Story," Moreno also got two Emmys for her parts in "The Muppet Show" and "The Rockford Files." Additionally, she won a Grammy and a Tony. John Gielgud He starred in numerous theater productions. Gielgud secured his EGOT status with roles in "Summer's Lease" (which earned him an Emmy) and "Arthur" (which led him to win an Oscar). He also won a Grammy for "Ages of Man — Readings From Shakespeare" and a Tony for directing "Big Fish, Little Fish." Audrey Hepburn Hepburn had iconic roles in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "My Fair Lady." In 1954, Hepburn won an Academy Award for best actress for her role in "Roman Holiday." She also got a Tony for her role in "Ondine," a Grammy for best-spoken word recording for children with "Audrey Hepburn's Enchanted Tales," and an Emmy for outstanding individual achievement in informational programming for "Gardens of the World With Audrey Hepburn." Marvin Hamlisch He passed away in 2012. Hamlisch was a composer whose skill and attention to detail earned him multiple awards. Over the course of his career, he won four Emmy Awards, four Grammy Awards, three Oscars, and one Tony Award. Jonathan Tunick His other credits include being the orchestra leader for "Beauty and the Beast" and "Into the Woods." The composer won an Emmy for outstanding achievement in music direction for "Night of 100 Stars," a Grammy for best instrumental arrangement accompanying vocal(s) for "No One Is Alone," and an Oscar for best adaption score for "A Little Night Music." He also received a Tony Award for his orchestration in "Titanic." Mel Brooks Mel Brooks has mastered acting, writing, and producing. Brooks earned his first award on the path to an EGOT in the '60s with an Emmy for outstanding writing achievement in variety. He went on to win three more Emmys for outstanding actor in a comedy series, three Grammys, one Academy Award, and three Tonys. Mike Nichols At the 2004 Primetime Emmys, Mike Nichols won two awards. Nichols accomplishments as a director contributed to him winning an EGOT. In the '60s, he won a Grammy and an Academy Award. He then won Tony Awards for directing shows like "Monty Python's Spamalot" and "Plaza Suite." In addition, he won four Emmys in the 2000s. Whoopi Goldberg Goldberg was the first black winner of the EGOT. In 2002, Goldberg won two of the four awards with an Emmy for outstanding special class special ("Beyond Tara: The Extraordinary Life of Hattie McDaniel") and a Tony for best musical ("Thoroughly Modern Millie"). She got an additional Emmy for being a co-host on "The View" and an Oscar for her supporting role in the movie "Ghost." Scott Rudin Rudin posed backstage with his Golden Globe award in January 2003. In addition to producing Oscar winner "No Country for Old Men," Rudin is a familiar name in the theater community. He received more than 10 Tonys for plays like "The Book of Mormon" and "Skylight." Rudin also has one Grammy and one Emmy. Robert Lopez At 39 years old, Lopez was the youngest person ever to receive an EGOT. Lopez made EGOT history for the age he reached that accomplishment at — but he was also the first individual to win a double-EGOT. He's snagged at least two Emmys, Grammys, Tonys, and Oscars. Barbra Streisand Streisand is known for her role in "Funny Girl." The performer has won two Oscars, plenty of Grammys, and four Emmys. Thanks to her special Tony Award in 1970, she is part of the EGOT club, too. Liza Minnelli Minelli is the daughter of Judy Garland. Minelli was recognized for her roles in "Cabaret" and "Liza with a 'Z': A Concert for Television." After winning three Tony Awards, she received an additional, non-competitive one in 1074. Minelli rounded out her EGOT with a non-competitive Grammy win in 1990. James Earl Jones James Earl Jones received a lifetime achievement award at the 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2009. Jones has won Tony Awards, Emmy Awards, and one Grammy Award. With an honorary award at the 2011 Oscars, he joined the prestigious EGOT group. Alan Menken Menken is a songwriter and composer. Menken landed eight Oscars and 11 Grammys — all for his music that is featured in Disney classics. He's the individual behind the musical scores of "The Little Mermaid," "Tangled," and the Broadway show "Newsies" (which earned him a Tony). In 1990, he received a non-competitive Emmy Award. He officially hit EGOT status in 2020 when he won a Daytime Emmy for outstanding original song in a children's, young adult, or animated program for "Waiting in the Wings" from "Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure." Harry Belafonte Aside from his musical talents, Belafonte is also a humanitarian. In the '50s and '60s, the actor and performer won an Emmy, two Grammys, and one Tony. he also received a non-competitive humanitarian award at the 2014 Oscars and a hall of fame award at the 2000 Grammy Awards. John Legend John Legend's real name is John Roger Stephens. In addition to 10 Grammy awards, Legend received an Oscar for "Selma" track "Glory" with Common. Two years later, he took home a Tony as a co-producer of "Jitney," which was recognized as the best revival of a play. Legend reached full EGOT status after "Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert" won the award for outstanding variety special (live) at the 2018 Creative Arts Emmys. Andrew Lloyd Webber Andrew Lloyd Webber won his first Tony in 1980. Composer and songwriter Andrew Lloyd Webber has been racking up awards since the 1980s. He received an Oscar in 1996 for "Evita" song "You Must Love Me," a total of four Grammys, and seven Tonys. In 2018, he got his first Emmy with "Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert's" win for best live variety special. Tim Rice Tim Rice has composed and written music for Disney movies. In the '90s, Rice won three Oscars for "Aladdin," "The Lion King," and "Evita." He has also been honored with five Grammys and three Tonys. He got an Emmy for his work on "Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert" with Legend and Webber in September 2018.

    • Stars Who Are One Award Away From EGOT Status

      The biggest honor in entertainment isn't TV's Emmy, Broadway's Tony, music's Grammy, or even film's Oscar. It's all four together: the EGOT. That grand combination of Hollywood's greatest performance prizes is called the EGOT, an acronym representing all four of the above awards. It's a rare and amazing feat. Arguably, it's the only actual measurement of an all-around performer. It's also referred to as "the Grand Slam" of American entertainment. Common Got: An Oscar for "Glory" in Selma, an Emmy for "Letter to the Free" in 13th, and three Grammys for "Love of My Life (an Ode to Hip Hop)," "Southside" and "Glory" Needs: A Tony Helen Mirren Got: An Oscar for The Queen; four Emmys for Prime Suspect: The Final Act, Elizabeth I, The Passion Of Ayn Rand, and Prime Suspect: Scent Of Darkness and a Tony for The Audience Needs: A Grammy Frances McDormand Got: Two Oscars for Fargo and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, two Emmys for Olive Kitteridge, and a Tony for Good People Needs: A Grammy Hugh Jackman Got: An Emmy for hosting the 58th Annual Tony Awards, two Tonys for The Boys From Oz and a Special Tony Award, and a Grammy for The Greatest Showman Needs: An Oscar Christopher Plummer Got: Two Emmys for The Moneychangers NBC World Premiere The Big Event and Madeline, two Tonys for Barrymore and Cyrano, and an Oscar for Beginners Needs: A Grammy Viola Davis Got: An Oscar for Fences, two Tonys for Fences and King Hedley II and an Emmy for How to Get Away With Murder Needs: A Grammy Ron Howard Got: Two Oscars for A Beautiful Mind, a Grammy for The Beatles: Eight Days A Week The Touring Years film, and two Emmys for Arrested Development and From Earth to the Moon. He was also one of the Television Academy's 2013 Hall of Fame honorees. Needs: A Tony Bette Midler Got: Three Emmys for Bette Midler: Ol' Red Hair Is Back, Bette Midler: Diva Las Vegas and her performance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson; three Grammys for Best New Artist, "The Rose" and "Wind Beneath My Wings"; and two Tonys Hello, Dolly! and a Special Tony Award Needs: An Oscar Cyndi Lauper Got: An Emmy for Mad About You, Two Grammys for Best New Artist and Kinky Boots, and a Tony for Kinky Boots Needs: An Oscar Dick Van Dyke Got: Four Emmys for The Dick Van Dyke Show and Van Dyke and Company (plus a Hall of Fame honor), a Grammy for Mary Poppins, and a Tony for Bye, Bye Birdie Needs: An Oscar Lily Tomlin Got: Six Emmys for Lily, Lily Tomlin, The Paul Simon Special, Lily: Sold Out and An Apology to Elephants; a Grammy for This Is A Recording; and two Tonys for The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe and Lifetime Achievement Needs: An Oscar Vanessa Redgrave Got: Two Emmys for Playing for Time and If These Walls Could Talk 2, Oscar for Julia, and a Tony for Long Day's Journey Into Night Needs: A Grammy Ellen Burstyn Got: Two Emmys for Law & Order: SVU and Political Animals, Oscar for Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, and a Tony for Same Time, Next Year Needs: A Grammy Maggie Smith Got: Four Emmys for My House in Umbria and Downton Abbey, two Oscars for The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and California Suite, and a Tony for Lettice and Lovage Needs: A Grammy Jessica Lange Got: A Tony for Long Day's Journey Into Night, two Oscars for Tootsie and Blue Sky and three Emmys for Grey Gardens and American Horror Story Needs: A Grammy Kate Winslet Got: A Grammy for Listen to the Storyteller, an Oscar for The Reader, and an Emmy for Mildred Piece Needs: A Tony Julie Andrews Got: Two Grammys for Julie Andrews's Collection of Poems, Songs and Lullabies and Mary Poppins (plus a Lifetime Achievement Award), an Oscar for Mary Poppins, and two Emmys for The Julie Andrews Hour and Broadway: The American Musical Needs: A Tony Geoffrey Rush Got: An Oscar for Shine, a Tony for Exit the King, an Emmy for The Life and Death of Peter Sellers Needs: A Grammy Al Pacino Got: Two Emmys for You Don't Know Jack and Angels in America, two Tonys for The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel and Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie? and an Oscar for Scent of a Woman Needs: A Grammy Jeremy Irons Got: A Tony for The Real Thing; three Emmys for Game of Lions, Elizabeth I and The Great War and Shaping of the 20th Century; and an Oscar for Reversal of Fortune Needs: A Grammy Cher Got: A Grammy for "Believe," an Oscar for Moonstruck, and an Emmy for Cher: The Farewell Tour Needs: A Tony Martin Scorsese Got: Three Emmys for Boardwalk Empire and George Harrison: Living in the Material World, a Grammy for No Direction Home an Oscar for The Departed Needs: A Tony Elton John Got: An Oscar for "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," Tony for Aida and five Grammys (as well as a Legend Award) Needs: An Emmy Cynthia Nixon Got: A Grammy for An Inconvenient Truth, two Tonys for Rabbit Hole and Lillian Hellman's The Little Foxes, and two Emmys for Sex and the City and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Needs: An Oscar

    • Where Do Stars Keep Their Awards?

      Some celebs see their award behavior as an act of humility, stashing their Tony or Grammy or Golden Globe or even Oscar in the, uh, s--tiest of places. Others have passed it off to their parents, either as a show of gratitude for all the work they put into helping achieve their dreams or because they don't quite trust themselves to be responsible for its safekeeping. And, actually, a few aren't entirely sure where their statuettes are at the moment. Reese Witherspoon Now that's a statement necklace. Though the Walk the Line lead flirted with the idea of turning her 2005 Best Actress Oscar into a piece of jewelry or a very showy door knocker, "Neither one of those options was very practical," the star, who nabbed a Golden Globe for the same role, admitted to People. "I just keep it in my living room." Goldie Hawn Any time the actress needs to clear her head, she pays a visit to the statue she claimed in 1970 for her supporting role in Cactus Flower. "My award is in the room where I study and practice meditation," she explained to InStyle in 2005. "Sometimes it's on the mantel, sometimes I put it away." Which makes sense, you know, out of sight, out of mind... Gina Rodriguez The Jane the Virgin lead has a unique you-break-it-you-buy-it policy regarding the Golden Globe she won for her work on the CW hit in 2015. "It lives on my TV stand. In the box," she told People. "Any time someone comes over, it's the first thing they ask." And while she's happy to show it off, she admitted she gets nervous each time someone picks it up. "I go, 'Why are you holding it like that?! Be careful! If you drop it I'll have your first child!'" Dustin Hoffman Be he ever so humble, at first, the two-time Oscar winner didn't want to set out the statues he'd picked up in 1980 for Kramer vs. Kramer and 1989 for Rain Man. By the early aughts, though, he told InStyle that they'd earned a place on his study's mantle next to his six Golden Globes (including 1997's Cecil B. DeMille Award). "What made me change?" he asked. "Probably years of therapy! I am proud of them, but they are not what propels me in my work." Jamie Foxx Blame it on the vodka, blame it on the Henny, blame it on the blue top that got you feeling busy, but Foxx didn't feel entirely comfortable keeping his 2004 Oscar for Ray at his 40-acre California estate. "My manager holds the Oscar. He keeps it at his crib," the actor told InStyle. "I got too much traffic at my house!" Jennifer Hudson And she is telling you, she's not stand for any touching of the trophy. "Where I come from, no one has ever seen an Oscar," the Chicago native told InStyle of her 2007 prize for Dreamgirls. "So I let people take pictures with it—but I do not allow them to touch it. Sorry, no touching the Oscar! It's the ultimate honor, and I need to protect it." Not to mention, give the hardware its proper due: The 13.5-inch piece sits atop its own pedestal, said Hudson, "that I keep lit." Kevin Costner After Costner finally got over his fear that someone might walk off with the two Oscars he won for Dances With Wolves in 1991, he retrieved them from his underwear drawer and built them a home inside his screening room. Calling it the "perfect spot," he told InStyle, "As you go to my screening room, you pass posters of movies that have influenced me (Gone With the Wind, Lawrence of Arabia, Bridge on the River Kwai). And it feels appropriate that you have to see a movie to see them." Sean Combs Wait, you don't have a Sunday Room? Because that's where Puff has placed his three Grammys. For those not in the know, he told Us Weekly, it's "this room that just feels intimate, that just feels like it would be the perfect place to do a photoshoot reading the New York and L.A. Times on a Sunday. I don't get to use it a lot, but I fantasize a lot about myself being calm enough to sit down and read the papers and have some coffee and just act really sophisticated and look up at my Grammys. I just haven't gotten to doing that part of it yet." Audra McDonald TBH, when you have six Tony Awards it can be kinda tough to keep track. "Eh, they're spread out around the house," she admitted to Broadway Roulette in 2017. Between them, she and husband Will Swenson "have four kids and two dogs so you can imagine all of the stuff that's around our house! We still have more Tony Awards than kids, but we have many more Legos than Tony Awards." Timothy Hutton Well, this certainly brings new meaning to "grab a cold one." When Hutton nabbed an Academy Award at age 20 for his work in 1980's Ordinary People his sister "thought that would be kind of funny to put the Oscar in the refrigerator when people would go grab a beer or something," he admitted. "It's still there." Tracee Ellis Ross Not gonna lie, this sounds like quite the s--ty situation. Mere moments after the actress was honored for her work in black-ish at the 2017 Golden Globes, she popped into the ballroom's bathroom with a pal to change out of her beaded Zuhair Murad and into her Paula Ke after-party gown. "I couldn't get in and out of the dress by myself," she explained on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "My friend took me out of the dress. We went into the handicap stall because it had enough room for two of us, laid the dress on the floor, standing there in a G-string and pasties with no service on my phone. She ran out to go get my stylist, I stood there for 20 minutes naked in the bathroom." Flustered as people began knocking on the stall, she accidentally left her new trophy behind. "I went back in. It had been given to security, and they couldn't find it. It was so dramatic," she continued. "It did get returned. I was sweating profusely, but I do have it." Claire Foy Bragging just isn't the done thing, the British actress offered as a reason for keeping her Golden Globe in the loo. "You can't put it somewhere noticeable," explained the star, who reigned as Queen Elizabeth II on The Crown's first two seasons, "because that would be showing off." Olivia Colman Though sometimes a queen deserves to wear her crown proudly. Colman keeps all three of her Globes on display. "Cool people put their BAFTAs and things in the downstairs loo but mine are on the mantelpiece," she told BBC News. And she had a spot all picked out for the trophy she won in abstentia, film commitments keeping her from accepting her win for 2017's The Night Manager. "Gutted" to have missed out on the chance to party with costars Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston ("I could have got wellied with them all last night"), she was nonetheless pretty pumped that her category had been presented by Kristen Bell and Cuba Gooding Jr. "Don't wash it! Don't polish it if they have touched it!" she said. "I'm clearing everything off the mantelpiece, it's going right in the middle." Michelle Williams My Week With Marilyn's star didn't want to wait for baggage check after winning a Golden Globe in 2012. After going to the ceremony with her Los Angeles-based bestie Busy Philipps, "She had a very early flight the next morning and carry-on luggage and she was like, 'I can't deal, keep it at your house,'" Philipps explained of the Brooklynite. Nine years on, it seems the Dawson's Creek alumni have adopted a sharing is caring policy. "It's on our really nice bookshelf," Philipps told People of her pal's hardware, "and I love it." Darren Criss This is a mama's boy we can get behind. Though The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story star keeps the Emmy and SAG Award he won in 2019 for his portrayal of the fashion designer's murderer atop his piano ("To remind me of where they all spring from: creativity"), the Golden Globe found an even more special place to hang. After dedicating his win to mom Cerina Bru, the Glee alum gave her the trophy to keep. "It's narrative of not just being a woman or a Filipino woman, but an immigrant woman coming to this country," he explained to StyleCaster of honoring his mom, the youngest of seven kids growing up in the country's Cebu province, "which is a story that millions of people in this country have." Jane Fonda Somehow we missed this Jane Fonda's Workout video. Speaking to InStyle in 1998, the acting legend joked of her Academy Awards for 1972's Klute and 1979's Coming Home, "What's great about having won two Oscars is that I can do a workout with them!" Still wed to media magnate Ted Turner at the time, she told the mag that when they met "he showed me his wall-to-wall sailing trophies in an office big enough for a skating rink, I turned to him and said, 'Honey, I've won a few trophies too. Where am I going to put mine?' So we built a trophy case in Montana and keep them all together." Nicole Kidman The Big Little Lies star literally couldn't give her two Emmys away. Winning in 2017 for both producing and acting, the actress offered up her precious metals to daughters Sunday and Faith. "I was like, 'OK, I can put one on your shelf, Sunday, and one on your shelf, Faith, and they're yours,'" Kidman recalled on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Except her then-10-year-old wasn't having it. "Sunday didn't want it,'" she continued. "She said, 'Oh, I want to earn my own.' I'm like, 'You go, girl!'" Ben Affleck & Matt Damon How 'bout them trophies? Well, Damon reportedly misplaced his 1998 statue after a flood in his New York City apartment, while his Good Will Hunting co-writer took a more go-with-the-flow approach. "At first the award lived in my apartment in L.A.," Affleck told InStyle in 2004. "Then I gave it to my mother. I allowed her to hold it hostage in Boston in lieu of a grandson." After a while, though, "I stole it back and it kicked around from office to office. I've kept it in pretty mundane locations, on desks or bookshelves." Shirley MacLaine After nabbing a Best Actress Oscar in 1984 for Terms of Endearment, the five-time Golden Globe winner put that little guy to work. "I live more simply now. I don't care about clothes, and many of my awards are in drawers or in storage," she explained years later to InStyle. Her Academy Award, though, lived in her den next to a statue of the Hindu God Siva that she got in India. "Oscar serves a very practical purpose," she continued of the eight-and-a-half-pound trophy. "When the winds blow through my New Mexico ranch, he keeps The New York Times from blowing away." Gwyneth Paltrow A regular Shakespearean tragedy. Though the actress emerged victorious at the 1999 Oscars thanks to her lead part in Shakespeare in Love, she never truly felt great about her win, telling Contact Music she stashed the trophy "at the back of the bookshelf in my bedroom because it weirds me out." For whatever reason, she continued, "I haven't been able to feel really good about it. I just feel sort of embarrassed and it brings up weird, traumatic feelings. It's associated with a tough time in my life." Catherine Zeta-Jones Life's a beach for the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award the Chicago star picked up a month before giving birth to daughter Carys in 2003. "He's in our home in Bermuda," she revealed to InStyle of the island spread she shares with husband Michael Douglas. "I figured that not many Oscars have lived there. Of course, everyone who visits wants a photograph with him." Alicia Vikander Someone turn this into a movie. With the Swedish actress not settled into a permanent pad at the time, she left her 2016 Best Actress trophy for The Danish Girl with a friend in L.A., prompting her pal's daughter to turn the experience into an adventure. The little girl "has been sending me photos to prove she's taking good care of him," Vikander told People. "I love my little updates from her!" Tom Hanks Sounds like Hanks and wife Rita Wilson's trophy shelf is a bit like a box of chocolates. You never quite know what you're going to get. At one point, the actor said his two Oscars (for 1993's Philadelphia and 1994's Forrest Gump) were holding court with some soccer awards. Added Hanks, "I think the World's Greatest Mom trophy from Mother's Day is up there as well." Emma Stone Stone has got her little man covered thanks to an assist from pal Jimmy Kimmel. After hosting the ceremony in 2017 when the actress won for La La Land, Kimmel "sent underwear for [my Oscar], like rubber underwear, so he's wearing tighty-whities," she revealed to People. "Jimmy said, 'I'd like to bring some decency into your home.'" Well, her mother's home, really, Stone sharing that mom Krista "holds on to it." Lupita Nyong'o Ridin' solo: "It's just on a shelf on its own," the 12 Years a Slave star told Variety of her 2014 Best Supporting Actress Oscar. But she doesn't mind sharing the wealth. Asked if friends try to hold the hardware, she replied, "Yeah, and they're allowed to." Anna Paquin As a teen, The Piano actress didn't want to make a whole song and dance about the Academy Award she won at age 11. "I keep it next to my boots at the back of my closet," she told InStyle five years after her 1994 victory. "I don't display it because friends would think they had to comment and I don't want that kind of attention." Cuba Gooding Jr. In the two-plus decades since his 1997 win, the Jerry Maguire actor's Oscar has aged like a fine wine. For the first six years, the statue sat on a shelf in his temperature-controlled wine cabinet, remaining like new. "Now that I keep it out in the open in my screening room," he told InStyle, "it has become tarnished—which is kind of cool. It's starting to age and get character. Like me." Viola Davis The Oscar winner has her a man who doesn't miss an opportunity to pump her up. The Fences lead says husband and producing partner Julius Tennon urged her to keep her 2017 trophy in their office, next to the Emmy she won for How to Get Away With Murder and her two Tonys. "If it were up to me," she admitted, "I'd keep it in my garage to keep me humble." Rachel Brosnahan With a small space, the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel actress struggled to find a spot for her best actress trophy to take a seat. Hence why "My Golden Globe from last year is on my toilet," she confessed to reporters at the 2019 show after notching her second win in a row. "I live in New York. Truly, it was the only available shelf and it's cute in there." Besides, she continued, "It livens up the place. I'll probably put this one next to it." Julia Roberts Cross-examined by Ellen DeGeneres about the "parlor" where she houses her 2009 Oscar, the Erin Brockovich actress testified, "It's in a room that has a piano in it, that my daughter plays, that we call the piano room. I thought it might sound pretentious, so I said 'parlor." Responded the talk show host, "So you thought 'parlor' sounded less pretentious?"

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