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  • Hotel Transylvania Transformania Releasing Halloween

    Hotel Transylvania: Transformania has already been given several release dates, and now it looks like Sony is attempting to tap into the Halloween market with a move to October. Although some big movie releases are hitting cinemas in the next month, there are still a number of movie studios continuing to shift their release schedules, and it looks like Sony Pictures has been doing a little rearranging with confirmation today that Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, the fourth and final installment of the franchise, will not be arriving in theaters until October 1, 2021. The movie was originally meant to be released next month, and although no reason has been given for the change of date, there could be a number of factors contributing. With many big releases due in July, including Marvel's Black Widow, they may want to avoid that kind of competition. An October release would also obviously bring the movie closer to Halloween. The sequel to 2018's Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is the first movie of the series to not have the participation of Adam Sandler in the lead role of Drac. Instead, the voice role is being taken over by Brain Hull, a name that may be unfamiliar to many, but who is probably best known for a 2013 YouTube video in which he performed the song 'Let It Go' in the voices of a dozen different Disney characters. After securing a small voice role in an episode of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure, and playing Dracula in the short film Monster Pets, taking over Adam Sandler's character is his first big-screen part, and certainly an opportunity that doesn't come around too often. The official synopsis of the final outing for the family-friendly monsters in Hotel Transylvania: Transformania has also been released. "Drac and the pack are back like you've never seen them before in Hotel Transylvania: Transformania. Reunite with your favorite monsters for an all-new adventure that presents Drac with his most terrifying task yet. When Van Helsing's mysterious invention, the 'Monsterfication Ray,' goes haywire, Drac and his monster pals are all transformed into humans, and Johnny becomes a monster! In their new mismatched bodies, Drac, stripped of his powers, and an exuberant Johnny, loving life as a monster, must team up and race across the globe to find a cure before it's too late and before they drive each other crazy. With help from Mavis and the hilariously human Drac Pack, the heat is on to find a way to switch themselves back before their transformations become permanent." The movie also features voice performances by Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kathryn Hahn, Steve Buscemi, Dave Spade, and Molly Shannon among others. Much of the production of the movie was completed remotely due to the pandemic, which allowed it to remain pretty much on schedule through the global health crisis. Despite this, the film's release schedule has been much more of a fluid affair, having originally been listed to arrive on December 22, then being moved forward to August 6, and then pushed up once again to July 23. This latest move, while making a sensible decision to pitch the movie around Halloween, does suggest that Sony continues having a difficult time deciding where their many backlogged films should land, trying to capitalize on audiences returning to cinemas, but avoiding some of the big hitters that are littered on the schedule throughout the next few months. Perhaps the October 1 release will be the one they stick with.

  • Netflix announces Lindsay Lohan's movie comeback

    The streaming service took to social media on Monday (May 24) to reveal that the Parent Trap star will appear in the as-yet-untitled movie as "a newly engaged and spoiled hotel heiress" who finds herself unable to remember anything about her life following a ski accident. As she tries to put the pieces back together again, she's put into the care of "a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter" and well, given the genre, it seems to assume that sparks fly between the pair. Lohan, who is best known for her work in popular teen outings such as Freaky Friday, Just My Luck, and Mean Girls, appeared in a werewolf-based horror thriller Among the Shadows in 2019. Before that though, she hadn't starred in a movie since The Canyons in 2013. "LINDSAY LOHAN RETURNS??? AND IN A ROM-COM?? We won," an eager fan reacted to the news on Twitter, as another said: "Let the records show that I will FOREVER support/stan/simp Lindsay Lohan!" While the rest of the cast has yet to be confirmed, production on the movie – which follows in the footsteps of other Netflix festive favourites Jingle Jangle, Let It Snow, Holidate, and A Christmas Prince – is set to start in November.

  • Cruella Movie Download

    Before she becomes Cruella de Vil? Teenaged Estella has a dream. She wishes to become a fashion designer, having been gifted with talent, innovation, and ambition all in equal measures. But life seems intent on making sure her dreams never come true. Having wound up penniless and orphaned in London at 12, 4 years later Estella runs wild through the city streets with her best friends and partners-in-(petty)-crime, Horace and Jasper, two amateur thieves. When a chance encounter vaults Estella into the world of the young rich and famous, however, she begins to question the existence she’s built for herself in London and wonders whether she might, indeed, be destined for more after all. When an up-and-coming rock star commissions Estella to design him a signature piece, she begins to feel as though she has truly arrived. But what is the cost of keeping up with the fast crowd- and is it a price Estella is willing to pay? Genre: Comedy | Crime Resolution: 1920x1080 Directed by: Craig Gillespie Starring: Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Joel Fry, Paul Walter Hauser Release Date: 28 May 2021 Audio: English Runtime: 2 h 17 min FREE Cruella Movie Download Here

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  • Tags and Chats Celebrity Gossip & Free Movie Downloads

    Mark Hamill Photoshopped in Star Wars Cast Reunion Photo Mark Hamill reveals he had to be photoshopped into an iconic Star Wars cast reunion photo. Hamill is best known for his portrayal of Luke... The Rock Shares Feelings And ‘Gratitude’ For The Fans Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a lot to celebrate these days. The actor recently wrapped production on Warner Bros. and DC’s Black Adam... Summer’s Hottest Manicure Trends Kylie Jenner’s Nail Artist Spills Summer’s Hottest Manicure Trends Nail art is just as much of an accessory these days as a designer... Entertainment News, Celebrity Gossip, articles and Movie Downloads Get all the most interesting news and gossip in entertainment from around the world. We feature all your favorite articles on the royal family, celebrities, Kardashians, food, recipes, drinks, sport, health, fitness, music, stage, wellbeing, pets, movies, gaming, tech, travel, bizarre, pets, and more. We also have great family entertainment with the latest free movie downloads in family, animation, drama, horror, thriller, comedy, fantasy, superhero, musicals, and sci-fi. We have a wide variety of the latest and older movies free to download from Hollywood, Bollywood, Netflix, and Disney+. Stay on top of your favorite celebrity news and celebrity gossip from Hollywood, Bollywood, TV, and Music. All available from Tags and Chats Entertainment News, Articles, and Movie Downloads. TAGS & CHATS NEWS, Gossip & FREE Movie Downloads Mark Hamill Photoshopped in Star Wars Cast Reunion Photo Mark Hamill reveals he had to be photoshopped into an iconic Star Wars cast reunion photo. Hamill is best known for his portrayal of Luke... Will Smith The King Richard Trailer Will Smith Is Venus And Serena Williams' Father In The King Richard Trailer Venus and Serena Williams remain two of the greatest tennis... The Rock Shares Feelings And ‘Gratitude’ For The Fans Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a lot to celebrate these days. The actor recently wrapped production on Warner Bros. and DC’s Black Adam... New Exorcist Trilogy Is Heading To Streaming Blumhouse is teaming with Morgan Creek to deliver a new trilogy of Exorcist movies that are going to streaming, and one of the stars of... FACEBOOK STOPS SALES OF THE OCULUS QUEST 2 Facebook stops sales of the Oculus Quest 2 because it might irritate your face As of Tuesday, Facebook is temporarily pausing sales of... BEST GAMING MOTHERBOARDS 2021 Even though there isn’t much difference between motherboards built around the same chipset these days, it’s still important to get the... BEST GRAPHICS CARDS FOR GAMING 2021 There are some truly impressive cards out there, such as AMD’s Radeon RX 6900 XT, Nvidia Geforce’s RTX 3090, or the RTX 3080, for those... BEST GAMING MOTHERBOARDS 2021 Even though there isn’t much difference between motherboards built around the same chipset these days, it’s still important to get the... BEST CHEAP GRAPHICS CARDS 2021 There are excellent graphics cards out there that can see you through the most demanding PC games and editing workloads. As long as you... BEST ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE 2021 Although surfing the web or watching a video can seem harmless, there are dangers to your computer lurking all over the internet. Various... BEST GRAPHICS CARDS FOR GAMING 2021 There are some truly impressive cards out there, such as AMD’s Radeon RX 6900 XT, Nvidia Geforce’s RTX 3090, or the RTX 3080, for those...

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    To see this working, head to your live site. News, Articles & Gossip Search Login / Sign up Create New Post Latest FREE Movies Follow Posts 31 Latest MP4 Movie downloads. Only the best quality and absolutely FREE. Action, Sci-Fi, Animation, Horror, Drama, Comedy, & more FREE Bollywood Movie Downloads Follow Posts 30 Latest Bollywood FREE MP4 Movie Downloads. Drama, Action, Comedy, Musicals, Thrillers & More Superhero Movies Follow Posts 41 For all the superhero fans whether you are a DC or Marvel fan, this is your space to download your favorite superhero movies, Latest TV News Follow Posts 208 What’s new on Amazon, Hulu and TV to watch, coming soon and not to be missed with the latest news and articles. Celebrity News & Gossip Follow Posts 1.1K Get the latest celebrity news, articles & gossip from around the world about Hollywood, Actors, Musicians and other celebrities. Dining, Food & Drinks Follow Posts 162 Tag & Chat about food, drinks, dining, recipes & organize new fiends to dine or wine with in pubs, diners & restaurants, Health & Wellbeing Follow Posts 101 View, post & comment on health & wellbeing articles & news from around the world. Fashion News & Trends Follow Posts 62 Chat about Ladies & Men's fashion, style & latest trends across the globe. Places to Visit Follow Posts 254 Tags & Chats extraordinary, special, interesting places to visit around the world not mentioned in categories below. Love & Relationships Follow Posts 52 Articles about love, sex, and relationships. Tips and guides to improve, rekindle or spice up a relationship in today's life. Free 2021 Movie Downloads Follow Posts 460 Download Free 2021 Movies. Animation, Family, Horror, Thrillers, Action, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi and More. FREE Older Movies Follow Posts 703 Older movies available for downloads. Get your favourite animation, family, comedy, horror, thriller, Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance and more. Latest Movie News Follow Posts 389 View, Chat, Share & Comment about movies. Latest news in entertainment with news & gossip from the stars in Movies. GAMES General Follow Posts 407 Chat about tips, tricks & new releases in online, PS4, XBOX & PC Gaming. Strange, Amazing and Cute Follow Posts 80 The world of the Strange, Weird, Amazing, Astonishing, Unreal and Cute articles from around the world. Food Recipes Follow Posts 211 Get great food recipes with TAGS & CHATS from across the world. Fitness, Gym & Health Follow Posts 40 Talk about fitness, organize a partner for a workout or join a chat for health tips & diets. Computers & Tech News Follow Posts 231 Tech Specials on Computers, Laptops, Gaming Gear, Keyboards, Headsets, Mouses & other gadgets. The World of Pets Follow Posts 16 Share your favourite pet pictures and stories to the world. Cats, Dogs, Lizards, Spiders Ext. We Love Pets.

  • Best Places to Visit on Holiday

    Backpacking Tips for Women There are more people backpacking today than ever before. And the jump in a number of hikers, especially women, shows no signs of abating... How to go backpacking after Covid How to go backpacking (and why it's worth the effort) In the United States, backpacking is a primary way to reach more than 109 million... Here we post & list great places to visit around the world for great holidays & trips that are for couples, friends, or family. Featuring the best places like the US, UK, China, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa & More. We feature the best theme & amusement parks, museums, zoo's, aquariums, nightlife, food, beaches, hotels, resorts, cities for countries around the world. Not to miss the places to visit for a bucket list. View our list you might find your next destination here. Places to Visit on Holiday or Getaway Backpacking Tips for Women There are more people backpacking today than ever before. And the jump in a number of hikers, especially women, shows no signs of abating... How to go backpacking after Covid How to go backpacking (and why it's worth the effort) In the United States, backpacking is a primary way to reach more than 109 million... UNREAL PLACES THAT ACTUALLY EXIST Places that are scientifically impossible places that actually exist that will blow your mind, take a look. The Crooked Forest Poland’s... Best Destination Hotels to Escape To We’re all eager for an escape that’s physical, not virtual. We all have wellness on the brain, and we are all eager for a reset. Here is... Best Places to Travel Solo Some of us have been logging countless hours of overtime taking care of an entire household; others have spent more moments alone than we... Best International Wine Festivals Around the globe, winemakers and wine experts celebrate new vintages and older favorites with wine festivals. But travelers may be... Best things to do in London is your social schedule looking a little lackluster? Has your date night inspiration dried up? Have you exhausted all avenues of what do... How and When to Plan Your Next Trip These are not normal times for the people of Wuhan, Milan, Seoul, New York, or any other region hit hard by COVID-19. And these times are... 1/3 View More AFRICA View More INDIA View More CHINA View More NEW ZEALAND View More AUSTRALIA View More UK View More US

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  • Jungle Cruise Movie Download

    Based on Disneyland’s theme park ride where a small riverboat takes a group of travelers through a jungle filled with dangerous animals and reptiles but with a supernatural element. Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Fantasy Resolution: 1920x1080 Directed by: Jaume Collet-Serra Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, Edgar Ramírez Release Date: 30 July 2021 Audio: English Runtime: 2 h 7 min FREE Jungle Cruise Movie Download Here


    WHAT TO KNOW WHEN BUYING A PC PSU POWER SUPPLY FOR A DESKTOP PC There’s more to buying a PSU than grabbing the biggest number and going home. Each number means something, and you’d be surprised at how little you actually need for a functional gaming system, especially with modern hardware. We’re going to break down each of the main power supply specs below and what they mean to you. Wattage Wattage refers to the capacity of the PSU in question. This is the first spec to look at when buying a power supply of your own, but it can be tough to pick if you aren’t sure what you need. If you aren’t sure what your system’s power draw is, use a wattage calculator or a tool like PCPartPicker to find estimated power requirements. Once you have that, you’ll typically want to bump up by 50-100W to ensure you have plenty of flex room, especially if you intend on overclocking your CPU and/or GPU. Naturally, this holds true if you plan on doing significant upgrades in the future. General guidelines for each tier of PSU. 400W – 600W 400W – 600W power supplies are suited for most budget and mid-range PC builds. This applies especially if they are using modern CPUs and GPUs, which consume much less power than chips from 5+ years ago. If you’re buying a replacement PSU for an older system, or a system with used parts that are a few generations old, you may want to bump up even higher. 650W PSUs are generally regarded as the sweet spot in this regard, capable of powering most mid-range systems with little issue. 700W – 900W 700W – 900W power supplies are most suited for high-end and server PC builds. Particularly old GPUs or particularly powerful CPUs (like the latest i9s and Threadrippers) also tend to require this power spec. In some cases, it’s also worth buying these PSUs for much weaker systems, especially if they’re rated for quiet operation and high power efficiency. The less a high-efficiency PSU is being pushed, the quieter and cooler it will run. 1000W – 1500W This tier and higher is overkill for all but the most extreme of scenarios, at least in terms of sheer wattage. When combined with modularity and high efficiency, though, PSUs rated for this wattage are ideal for keeping temperature and noise levels low. We’ll explain a little more about efficiency in the next section. Efficiency Most mainstream PSUs come with an 80+ Efficiency rating, which indicates… well, the efficiency of the power supply. The better the Efficiency, the less power the system will consume on idle and during regular use. To explain a little bit better, a 500W PSU with 0% efficiency would be running at its full capacity 24/7, regardless of what the user is doing. This would mean the same level of noise, heat, and power consumption while doing casual web browsing as playing games, which would be just plain wasteful. Or put another way, if you have a 500W PSU with an 80+ rating, it’d use significantly less than its max power while you’re performing basic tasks. 80+ rating, what do they mean? 80+ The most basic 80+ rating indicates a bare minimum of 80% power efficiency. However, this still means a lot of excess heat and power consumption compared to other tiers. The best cheap power supplies will at least have an 80+ rating. 80+ Bronze The 80+ Bronze rating is a moderate step up, providing a minimum of 82% power efficiency. In some scenarios, this can even go as high as 88%, but usually averages around 85%. This is a marginal improvement over 80+, but will still release excess heat and noise. 80+ Gold 80+ Gold is the sweet spot that most consumers and manufacturers alike target. The minimum efficiency here is 87%, the peak is 92%, and the average is 89%. At this point, excess heat is mostly diminished as an issue, but noise levels will still be a little high. 80+ Platinum 80+ Platinum used to be the highest standard, starting at 89% efficiency and averaging 92% efficiency. This reduces excess heat to the point where it’s barely noticeable, and noise levels get fairly quiet here, too. This is ideal for quiet PC builds and SFF builds. 80+ Titanium The latest and greatest 80+ rating is 80+ Titanium, which starts at 90% efficiency, peaks at 96% efficiency, and averages around 94% efficiency. This is really about as good as you’re ever going to get, but who knows: maybe in a few years, we’ll have 80+ Diamond, with 100% efficiency. Modularity Modularity refers mainly to PSU cabling. Specifically, what cables can and can’t be removed. Non-Modular Non-Modular power supplies have no removable cables, which means that you’ll have a ton of excess cables in your case. This is particularly unfortunate in Micro ATX, Mini ITX, and SFF PC builds, where there is little room for cable management. This also makes for a much more difficult initial building process. You might need extra zip ties if you go this route. Semi-Modular Semi-Modular power supplies are the sweet spot for most people. Most cables are removable, except for the main motherboard power cable, which you probably didn’t need to remove anyway. However, it not being removable means it’s also not replaceable, which can be bad if the cable is damaged or you need a shorter cable for an ITX/SFF PC build. This provides a much better building experience than Non-Modular and is a recommended step up if you can afford the extra ~$20 or so. Fully-Modular Fully-Modular power supplies are the best, no question. Every cable can be removed and replaced, which means that only the necessary cables will be inside your build at a given time. Moreover, if you need shorter ones for an ITX/SFF build, you can replace them without worry. This also provides the easiest building experience. ATX Or SFX? Fortunately, this is pretty simple. These refer to form factors. ATX is the standard PSU form factor, and all except one of the PSUs listed above are in the ATX form factor. Get one of these unless you have an SFF PC build. SFX is the SFF PSU form factor, making it ideal for Mini ITX builds and smaller Micro ATX cases. View more of the best PC Products to buy this year.


    BEST CORSAIR PC GAMING MOUSE TO BUY IN 2021 Corsair makes a wide range of gaming mice designed for different uses, from FPS to MMO. Almost every Corsair mouse we’ve tested feels extremely well-made, and even their budget mice have a great build quality. Most of their mice have an understated design and are less flashy than some options from other companies. Corsair HARPOON RGB Corsair harpoon is a gaming mouse embellished with the black color, lightweight in motif, and 6000 DPI optical sensors installed. These optical sensors have high accuracy tracking and lagging with the 1 DP resolutions steps for sensitivity customization. These gaming mice have a dazzling weight of 85g, which is fascinating actually as you can carry it along for longer in lasting comfort. This credit glows up with the contoured shape and rubber side grips, enabling you to variable play styles and showing the quickest and fastest movements. The gamers have to plug in through a USB port, participate in the gaming world, and let down their competitors. On-board memory and the harpoon RGB are extended with portability and great customization. The structure has striking six programmed buttons, and the on-the-fly DPI switching is commendable with the environment. They feature the Omron switches that get the 20 million clicks’ ratings with high-speed response and reliability. They diagnosed the immersive, dynamic multi-color backlighting for Haroon RGB to work for their gaming users for endless customization. It is reasonably significant for the 1.8m tangle-free rubber. It is wholly engaged with the X box to play the mouse-enabled games about 6 feet long in chord measurement. It is beneficial for gamers as the durability is very high, compatible with the loads as they run smoothly. The weight is so manageable to play with the mice from different angles as fun and as competition. The prices are reasonable. It can be an apple from the cart for the gamers and users as it works without any additional software and hardware. THE PROS Firm Grip Lightweight Pocket-Friendly Programmable Buttons Customizable RGB Lighting THE CONS Lag (slight issues) Tracking performance is limited. Small size won’t please everyone Corsair Ironclaw RGB Optical Corsair Ironclaw is an FPS gaming mouse with an 18,000 DPI optical sensor installed in it. It has a buzzy backlit RGB LED and is wrapped in a black color look. As the previous mouse design is best for the small size and hands, but this mouse is the architect’s lightweight contoured and the motif fully devoted to the large hands. The lightweight motif of about 105g is so relaxing for the customers. The much-sophisticated feature is an ultra-durable Omron switch rated for 50 million clicks. It is a high-performance mouse along with a 1DPI resolution shape. The sensors are native to these mice, which are custom Pixarrt rPMW3391 for ultra-high performance with the finest accuracy. The elegant and bossy contoured shape stands for the palm grips and larger hands, the sculpture is set for these users and is quite durable. The dynamic RGB backlighting and fully customized buttons with powerful macros and key ramps are the extra advantages for the onlookers. The desktop is shining with the 2X zones of RGB lighting controls. The luminosity is modified with the surface calibration, creating macros and CORSAIRE iCUE software that tunes the sensitivity so smartly that is much impressive in its way. It is noteworthy that two-zone RGB is an asset for the users with customizable presets, which is an excellent addition to the setup and non-compromising performance and quality. The looks are so astonishing and demanding for the users. This mouse delivers ultra-accurate tracking and first-class gaming performance. It is undoubtedly a victory in the hands; it increases your gaming system with more precision and accuracy. I think these are more than enough reasons for gamers as they want performance and quality, hand to hand present in this mouse. THE PROS Great software Excellent buttons. Comfortable for large hands. Advanced optical sensors PMW3391 THE CONS Thick and heavy. Inconsistent looks. Corsair DARK CORE RGB PRO If you want accuracy and precision, then the corsair dark core pro is here for accepting the challenge, which is equipped with the 18,000 DPI with the utmost optical sensors. These sensors are completely power-charged and wireless and optimized for low power consumption. The 1 DP resolution step is the unique art in the portrayal. The sculpture is set with the hyper-polling technology, which communicates with the PC so essentially, but the establishment is set at 2000 Hz; this speed is the most durable and twinning with the standard gaming mice. This system optimizes the sub-1ms SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS. The motif is drawn with the contoured shape and two interchangeable side grips, which fully ensure comfort and control. The USB connection is air breeze with a 50 hrs battery life. The illuminating RGB backlighting with bombastic looks and the vibrant light bar is the six-point advantage for the users. The eight buttons are customized on the macros and remap responsible for controlling light and shadows manufactured with the powerful and positively charged iCUE software. The wireless system is a high advantage for the users as the three profiles built up, makes the onboard storage due to which you can take it anywhere, it is charged with the easy to use reversible USB C connector. While paying attention, we know the wireless system is an ultimate goal for the users and supports the mouse with the most satisfactory performance and working. The battery life is also a good initiative for the gamers as they can play straight for hours without any hurdle. The customers will be entertained with the specs and performance thoroughly, as it is beneficial in both cases. THE PROS 50-hrs battery life Reasonable price Responsive tracking Dual connectivity witching is seamless THE CONS No additional weights Limited customizability Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless The most noticeable specs of the CORSAIR IRONCLAW Wireless are that it’s a rechargeable wireless optical gaming mouse with excellent slipstream technology built on an 18000 DPI optical sensor. It comes with a 3-zone RGB multi-color backlighting, and the body is black, which gives a sophisticated and high-tone look. It is a more precise and accurate gaming mouse with durable contoured shapes customized for the larger hands and strong palm grips for the gamers. Corsair iron claw wireless is a hyper-fast, sub-1ms wireless technology via Bluetooth or USB wired connection is the fascinating feature of these mice through which you can connect it to your PC with more ease. The 50 hrs battery is an excellent and mouth-watering spec for the gamers to play it swiftly for many hours straight. The software is compelling, which is iCUE with more sensitivity in 1 DPI step. The 10 steps programmed buttons and the macros or remapped correctly synchronize your 3-zone RGB lighting, which is more compatible with the company devices. The wireless system is gameplay higher, which is a victory for the gamers, and its ultra-durable Omron switches have been rated for more than 50 million clicks. The customers would be satisfied with these mice, whether in performance or on its wireless system, which is easy to handle for the gamers. The low and reasonable prices illuminate it more significantly. The battery timing is the assurance of perfection for the users as they look for the most demanding feature, which is the battery so they can play without norms and nexus. The tracking is done with accuracy, and sensitivity is fully customized. The weight is moderate, which is 4.6 ounces balancing the mouse for looks and weightage. THE PROS Comfortable for hands Outstanding internal specifications Good core button tracking and scroll wheel performance It has Snappy wireless with a 2,4 GHz adapter and Bluetooth THE CONS Only one polling rate option Can’t configure while using Bluetooth Corsair Dark Core RGB One Corsair dark core is a mood switch mouse as it has standard wireless and wire-based system for the dual gamers who look for the wireless and wire-based mouse. It features an ultra-fast 1ms wireless and Bluetooth compatibility and wired mode for high-end performance and multiple connectivity’s, with a report rate the 1000Hz. The notching cable is the 1.8m braided fiber. The Bluetooth wireless technology’s dormancy is a narcotic for the windows, OS X and other 4.0 or higher devices have a setup with it. The precision level is set with the hands of the 16000 DPI optical sensors, customized with the 1 DPI steps, which are so chic that they can turn into versatile mouse pads. The control and strong grips with comfort contoured shape and dual exchangeable side grips. The beautiful point is that onboard storage with the bonding of the hardware macro playback helps you hang the gaming system with you wherever you want. Although its battery timing is 24 hours out of worry the excellent point is that you can charge it while playing games via USB charging. The reasonable and long-lasting Omron switches are again at the rated 50 million lists as they provided the fastest response and reliability over time. The customers should go for it as it has an appearance with satisfaction, performance with the high-end speed and quality, which is before the demands. The wireless and wire-based mouse with the rechargeable battery faculty is all in the users’ hands. It is a choice of red apple from the apple basket standing on all the demands. THE PROS Elegant design Active tracking Reasonable price Solid construction THE CONS Heavy-weight Limited customizability Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB USB Corsair scimitar pro is a magnificent mouse design for MMO games. The architecture includes a 12 button side panel that has a design for multiple actions. The body is built on aluminum foil. Its performance is marvelous with a wide range of DPI, so can customize it according to your tabular list’s priority inside the iCUE software. A 16000 dpi sensor is installed for the customize sensitivity. It has 12 thumb buttons bringing a total count of 17, a king card with all the legacy. The 4 zone RGB lighting is a Spanish spec of it and the onboard active hardware profiles are modified, especially for the gamers. The bump is slightly high with a dwarf design due to which appeared like the claw grip, but the con is that the large hands cannot grip up with ease. It is the best design for small hands for finger grip. The mouse has one of the highest quality designs, and variable RGB lighting on the mouse wheel, connected with a left-click brand name. The logo is sculptured beneath the palm; it has a smooth finish. According to the Nautica, it has a yellow color model in the market, but if you are a yellow hater, you can go for the all-black superb black version. The weight optimization has a variance based on connections, such as max weight with the wire is 147g, max weight with the wire with 120g, and the lowest weight without wire stands at 120g also which is not on the heavier side of the table. This weight makes this mouse hefty and makes it controversial. If one asks, why would we buy it? Then I would say why not. It is a complete package of the performance, with effortless performance and useful software for the proper working; moreover, the price is very reasonable and not at all heavy on the pocket. THE PROS Consumable Accurate tracking Ergonomic shape Flexible and adjustable THE CONS Extra-large in size Weight is not adjusted properly Corsair M65 ELITE RGB FPS Corsair M65 ELITE is the most precise and high-class performance, and the most adjusted weights are the focal points. The body is built on an aluminum frame and 18000 optical sensors for maintaining the custom sensitivity. DPI steps give you personalized precision to match the play style. It is a wired FPS and MOBA gaming mouse. The mouse is fabricated on a durable anodized aluminum frame for lifetime gaming or long-lasting usage. The most strengthened feature is the weight; the manufacturers set the weight up to 97 grams due to which the grips on the mouse improved. It also has 8 fully programmed buttons with Marcos’s remapping ability for the custom organization to every click. The revolutionary and durable Omron switches rated for 50 million clicks, and the precision sniper button lowered down the sensitivity for crucial shots. Furthermore, it has onboard profile storage and multi-zone RGB lighting, and a fully activated and developed iCUE software which enables it to join the ELITE line. The users would be able to use it for multi-purposes as it has multiple advantages. The prices are not upper on the bench. The performance is well defined and the weight is an extra addition in it which was absent in the previous sets. So the gamers would manage the play quickly. The premium built-up and the long-lasting gaming would be a catch point for the gamers. They would impressively play and enjoy the games without any blurry trouble. THE PROS Classy looks Responsive sensor Useful sniper button Programmable buttons THE CONS No detachable cable Not ideal for flick shots Corsair M55 RGB PRO Ambidextrous BUDGET PICK CORSAIR M55 PRO is a wired mouse with an ambidextrous multi-grip gaming mouse. The sensors are much adjustable and set at 12400 DPI with 8 programmed buttons, the structure is designed with the black color giving a matte look. The motif is so luxurious that you can grip it with your palm, claw, or fingertip. These holdings help you tackle the precision control of the mouse with accuracy and the sensors modified for the proper tracking. It features a dual-zone RGB illumination. The weight is 86G, which makes the gaming effortless and incredible, so you can play straight for hours without any gigs. The Omron switches are rated at best 50 million, and the best quality braided Cable brings the M55 RGB pro, which gives them the power to stand at intense gaming jamming. The 8 buttons give you the advantage of the macros and remap for the creation and utmost gaming. The RGB backlighting is customized with the three DPI settings which are ready to snatch. The mouse has everything for gaming desires and needs. It has aluminum motif, demanding colors, adjusted weight, a wired system, and tracking ability. All the specs for gamers that attract them towards it, easy to hold, are another reason, but it is as if you don’t have a grip then how you would start the play. The software is moderate in dealing with gaming. They have affordable prices, which means easy to buy for the customers. So it is an all-in-one mouse for the users. THE PROS Braided cables Active and fast Comfortable grip Reasonable price THE CONS Slightly lag Heavy-weight

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