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What sets TAGS & CHATS apart from other sites is that our subscribers (FREE) can not only comment on the latest news, articles, and gossip listed on the website but can be social and list their articles and news with photos and description that is shareable on all major social networks. Subscribers can also build their following with their posts and comments getting directly contacted by new clients. Any listing whether it's a business or private listing will feature on the home and landing pages of categories giving anyone direct exposure for FREE for any product, business portfolio, and promotion.

TAGS & CHATS are also a social network for friends with similar interest in fashion, sports, celebrity gossip, movies, TV, tech, and more where you can interact and form a group sharing, commenting, or organize a get together with new members to watch a movie premiere, sport event, dining party and more.

TAGS & CHATS also have a business, shopping, and promotion category for businesses and companies to list to engage with new customers by listing their about, links, contact details, photos, and more to feature on the landing pages for TAGS & CHATS. We are the only website after listing that feature your listing on our main landing pages.

All category listings are FREE and always will be.

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Featured on various landing pages is company banners in 3 different sizes across our website generating exposure and traffic to your website increasing your rank regardless.

All banners include artwork if needed.

TOP - Long Banner - $250

MIDDLE - Square Banner - $200

BOTTOM - Thin Banner - $150

Running for 3 Months after artwork approval.

Guest BloggING PRICING Featured

All category listings are free for everyone to list, comment, or place an article even bloggers.

Featured articles on various landing pages within the Tags and Chats website to give a blogger maximum exposure for articles and multiple to follow links are available at $50 per post.


Place an impression based ad with a set budget on numerous pages within Tags and Chats.

Pricing is $1 per 1000 impressions

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