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TAGS & CHATS was created as a social online platform where like-minded people can chat & list their interests by means of tags to be found & joined by new people sharing the same interests who don't want to go alone to parties, restaurants, pubs, venues, shopping, watching sports ext. In today's day & age it's becoming more difficult to overcome the barrier to be social & going out for a night on the town where to stay at home & watching T.V alone instead of enjoying life, be social & mingle with people apart from the day to day workplace.


There is a big difference in internet friends & actually socializing with a complete stranger.

For one the stranger is more interesting & real, not fake as most people on the net. 

Most importantly social skills get the necessary training making it easier to interact with anyone else & boost any persons morale & mental spirit.

Some people either don't like going to places alone or don't have someone to go with but still want to go.

What is better watching a movie at home or watch the movie openings night with popcorn, soda & 3D glasses with a cinema full of people cheering or crying sharing in that emotion?

@ Tags & Chats you can list your interest whether it's a movie you want to go to, sports event, workout, walking your dogs, shopping, watching your favorite band ext.

Fast, simple & easy by listing dates, times, where, town, name of venue, age group ext. simply by using tags.

Don't go alone, Don't be alone - Be Social


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